Navratri Celebrations At ZealousWeb Ended With an Adrenaline Infused Garba Event

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Observed across India with unbelievable passion and enthusiasm, the festival of Navaratri adds a unique charm to the atmosphere. Talk about, homes, corporate offices, or shops, you will find them embellished like anything during all the nine auspicious days of Navaratri. The way of celebrating this divine Hindu festival differs from one state to another, but the essence remains the same. No matter where you go, you will find people worshipping Goddess Durga during this one of a kind festival.

And we at ZealousWeb also did the same. Our ardent teammates unleashed their hidden potential for creativity for making every single day a memorable one during Navratri. The tradition of forming different groups for arranging aarti sessions, continued this year as well. We divided the ZealousWeb family into six groups, and each group exceeded the expectations without fail. From following dress code and embellishing the office to arranging delectable sweets and performing aarti with intense passion, each group tried its level best to take its performance to a whole new level. And they succeeded in their endeavor as well.

After having tremendous fun for nine days in office, we arranged a spectacular Garba event on Dussehra at the YMCA, which is one of the best venues in the city of Ahmedabad. Dressed in traditional Gujarati dresses, our team members enjoyed Garba up until midnight. Every single person in our team played Garba until the last beat, and that’s enough to indicate how crazy they are for it. No matter how tired they were, their enthusiasm did not drop even for a single second.

In the end, we encouraged the spirit of our team by distributing the prizes to the most deserving candidates. It was the best way to say goodbye to Navratri.

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