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Women’s Day 2019

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What Does It Mean To Be A Woman?

Being a woman means to recognize you are ambitious, adventurous, beautiful, confident, and what not. It is all about identifying the weaknesses, the strengths that come with womanhood. It means that you are pretty awesome.

International Women’s Day holds enormous significance in today’s times making it numbered among the other special days celebrated with great ardor across the globe. It is a time to express your love, admiration, care, and gratitude towards charming women in your lives and society.

While working today, I thought to search for information about women who are famous in their respective career. Suddenly some of the names like Sarojini Naidu(Nightingale of India), Grace Brewster Murray Hopper, Marissa Ann Mayer, Ginni Rometty, Kalpana Chawla, and Sheryl Kara Sandberg flashed in my mind but I was willing to have some more names.

So, I started searching on Google and according to a report, “Globally, the Percentage of Women Participating in the Labor Force Is Declining.” The same report says that “women’s labor force participation rate is 48.5% in 2018, a decrease from 51.4% in 1990.”

On International Women’s Day, let us intensify our efforts for realizing gender equality and empowerment of women. Let us endeavor to enable our women to identify their full potential and help them live an independent and dignified life. Therefore, to achieve this, there is a need to expedite women into employment.

On this day, let’s all pledge together today to increase women’s participation in the workforce. It will help them show the world their actual potential and will also enable them to justify the notion that their identity is not limited to household chores. A woman has a reason for any act or inaction, and men must LET WOMAN STAND.

Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate our achievements, and it makes us realize how far we as women have come on our journey to justice. It also makes us think about the obstacles we have yet to overcome both locally and globally. We firmly believe our generations will see a tremendous change in our society and industry.

Here Is How We Rejoiced Women’s Day In ZealousWeb:

All the women of our organization assembled during lunch time to celebrate women’s day. Our company arranged a delicious lunch for all the women because we believe in, one well-known expression “A family who eats together stays together.” We ceased this meet by capturing it in a beautiful moment.

women's day

Kudos to the women victors from across the globe for portraying a monumental role and doing what your soul desires with all your heart & not let naysayers discourage you from that path.

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