Yet Another Feat Achieved By ZealousWeb !!!

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Well done!! The ZEALOUSCIANS have achieved a new height by opening another office in the same building & the on same floor.

It all started in 2003 with in one small rented office (approximately 300 sq. ft.). With god’s grace and extreme hard work of team members, ZealousWeb is one of the pioneers in the field of web and mobile application development. After a decade and with more than four offices, we have acquired yet another office and it’s about to get started and we are also hiring more professional to join our team soon.

The seeds of opportunities were sown many years back and it started bearing fruits in the form of the team or as we call it ZEALOUSCIANS. With growing team, the need for bigger space is inevitable. A place were, new ideas will nested, new opportunities will arise and a place where all ideas can come together as one. The office is fully integrated with state of the art furniture and equipments, with extra server room place. The inauguration took place on 08/21/2014, following the spiritual timeline. The whole office crew was present during the ritual.

The inauguration, followed with refreshments for the whole team members. We ZEALOUSCIANS are very proud of the team we work with. The journey is still not yet completed, there is still long way to go.

Good Luck ZEALOUSCIANS Way to Go!


Check out the inauguration celebration here.

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