Zealompics 2020

Zealompics 2020 – An Event That Will Remain In Zealousians’ Memory Forever

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Memories are our most prized possessions because we cherish them during tough and lonely times, especially when nothing comes to our rescue. And the ones that we create with our close friends and colleagues stay with us forever; we treasure them and live them all our lives. Zealompics 2020, was one such sporting event that helped us live a wonderful time and create unforgettable memories. Events like these cross our paths rarely. And when I say that, “events like these cross our paths rarely,” it doesn’t mean that Zealompics is new to us because we have been organizing it for the last couple of years. What it means is, ‘Zealompics 2020’ exceeded our expectations a zillion times from every single angle.

The moment our inbox welcomed the email that brought the message of this year’s sporting event, we all felt a high-level of excitement coursing through our veins. That message added a lot of colors, textures, and patterns to the canvas that captures our monotonous professional life. In a nutshell, for a moment, we forgot everything, including the project deadlines, and got lost in our imaginations. And I am sure, in most cases, the experience that we got while traveling to our imaginary world, outpaced the ones received from virtual reality. Yes, we did not require any high-end VR devices to get that extraordinary feeling; that small message was more than enough.

It’s been a week since we said goodbye to Zealompics 2020, a two-day long event, but we are still unable to disconnect ourselves from its aura.

Event Highlights

Activities Conducted On 15th February 2020

We had booked three different venues for this two-day long event based on the requirements of diverse sporting activities. All the sporting activities on 15th February 2020 took place at Suramya Farm and Cricket Academy. We arrived at the venue sharp at 8 am, and we kicked off the day by jumping on a delicious breakfast menu. It took us an hour to enjoy mouthwatering yet nutritious breakfast dishes, which eventually set the tone for an action-packed day.

Right after breakfast, we all gathered for the national anthem, after which we had cricket matches lined up for both men and women. Cricket League (Male) had four teams competing against each other. The first match took place between Crick Dominators and Calm attackers, wherein the former (Crick Dominators) won. In the second match, Crickriders faced Spirited Hunks, and they defeated it.

After two exhilarating men’s cricket matches, we got a chance to enjoy a women’s cricket match, played between Diva Drive and Royal Strikers. Believe it or not, but it was a tremendous fun watching the players from each team play enthusiastically. Although Royal Strikers defeated Diva Drive, everyone from both sides had put their best foot forward.

Simultaneously, we also enjoyed other games such as 100 Meter Race (male & female), 200 Meter Relay Race (male & female), and Lemon-Spoon Race (male & female). Apart from that, we also had a wonderful time watching the controlled movements of the participants during Needle Thread Race and Kho Kho (Male).

The lunchtime was from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, so all the participants as well the audience rushed to the food area and grabbed their plates as per their convenience. The menu was, again, unbelievable, and since everyone was too hungry, they started gulping their food quickly.

Digging into a good meal, in itself, is a highly fulfilling experience. But on top of that, if you also get the chance to watch fascinating games simultaneously, your experience reaches the next level. And we all felt the same.

After lunch, we again had two cricket matches lined up from Cricket League (Male). One was between the teams that won in the first half, and another was between the ones that lost. Yes, you got that right, in the third match, Calm Attackers faced Spirited Hunks, but they lost it. The fourth match was between Crick Dominators and Crickriders, wherein the latter defeated the former.

Again, we took advantage of enjoying Kho Kho (male & female) concurrently with cricket matches.

On 15th February 2020, our day came to a full stop with a short prize distribution ceremony during which, we awarded the winners with medals and trophies. Except for cricket (male), all the other sporting activities had their finals on the same day.

Activities Conducted on 16th February 2020

On 16th February 2020, we just had three sporting activities, so we had decided to meet at 10 am in ‘The R.H. Kapadia Sports Academy.’ From 10 am to 12 pm, we enjoyed watching Volleyball. Altogether, four teams participated in it, and they include Smashers And Movers, Predators, Wild Wings, and Vchamps.

The first match took place between ‘Smashers And Movers’ and Predators, and the latter won it. The second match was between Wild Wings and Vchamps, and the former won it.

In the final match, Wild Wings faced Predators and pulled off a stunning victory. The Volleyball match got over at 12 on the dot, after which Box Football started. What a marvelous experience it was! Every player was showcasing their skills fantastically; it was giving us an impression as if they have been playing for years now. Box Football got over at 2 pm, after which we rushed to an excellent restaurant for lunch. Since we were running late for lunch, we ordered our food quickly and jumped on our plates immediately as if we hadn’t eaten for a long time. And when you are too hungry, the kind of satisfaction that you get after eating the food is hard to describe in words.

After a delicious meal, we traveled straight to our third venue called ‘Sprint Recreation’ for the final cricket match, which took place between Crick Dominators and Crickriders.

Crick Dominators reached the final based on the high run rate, and they eventually managed to pull off a remarkable victory. From the very beginning, the way the cricket tournament was unfolding, as viewers, we felt that Crick Dominators had an unusual charm. And their glorious victory, in the end, was just the reflection of it.

Once again, an action-packed day ended with a beautiful prize distribution ceremony, during which all the well-deserving players and teams received the awards for their hard work and not to mention extraordinary performance.

To conclude, Zealompics 2020 was a phenomenal sporting event that spoke volumes about how Zealousians chase their dreams.

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