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ZealousWeb Celebrates Women’s Day!

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First came the right to vote, then came the liberation movement, and then there was cementing of the ideas that were in favor of womenkind.

ZealousWeb Vivacious Womens Day

Women have gone through major crests and troughs during the three waves of feminism. Each wave was responsible for bringing a sense of liberation and kept fueling the zeal to fight the patriarchal norms of society. Years later, when women joined the corporate arena, it came as a surprise to the entire world, but the womankind embraced this role very gracefully. Today, leading companies have women sitting on the throne of higher positions and running the company successfully.

ZealousWeb Women

Celebrating Women’s day is a mark of celebrating the overcoming of the societal pressure that women undergo. In honor of all the women, ZealousWeb made sure that like every year, this year as well, we perform an act that says Thank You!

ZealousWeb Women

We called in a panipuri cart for the evening for all the hardworking ladies of the ZealousWeb family. It was a beautiful evening followed by a magnificent Monday morning when all the ladies came dressed in gracious sarees. As they walked into their offices, oblivious of the little surprise, they found a little envelope containing a small poem dedicated to their splendid personalities and their awe-inspiring work. These poems were an act of appreciation by their peers. Every word was heart-felt and exquisite. The day ended with a group picture, and a fond memory of yet another beautifully celebrated Women’s Day.

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