ZealousWeb On A Business Visit To Dubai

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In the third week of May, ZealousWeb held a business trip for its team to reach the existing clients, to attend a meetup and to connect with a few more people for the new business plan in Dubai. The team was there from 18th-22nd May 2019.

CEO & Founder of ZealousWeb, Kandarp, believes that one should always nurture the relationships with the existing clients. All the team members who were on the trip got to meet the clients with whom they were working for many years. The team used the meetings to get the clients’ opinion on their overall experience with them. They made sure that the relationship formed with the clients never loses the trust and connection. They got many new projects from the clients by bringing new ideas to incorporate with their company’s needs something which was not possible to roll through implicit conferences.

(Zealouscian behind the first and second person from the right)

Ere the visit, Kandarp got to know about a meetup Arabian Dreams Toastmasters Club(ADTC) which was on 18th May 2019. He registered himself as a guest member to attend and to get to know the whole idea of reverse meeting. He met so many fascinating people with a desire for betterment. He found this meeting so enthralling that as soon as he stepped foot in Ahmedabad, he joined the nearby Toastmasters Club.

In addition to the advent of their current clients, Kandarp coincided with 4-5 people for the Dubai Mainland Business Setup. These meetings were the latest in a string of signs that the company wants to append one more new office.

While the graph of ZealousWeb growing gradually, something advanced must be done in order to increase the public perception of the company. However, with chains in the USA, UK, Qatar, and Nigeria; Dubai may not be far behind.

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