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We believe that “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” By Henry Ford…

With God’s grace!! In the last 10 years, ZealousWeb – A WEB DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING COMPANY has grown like anything and in the arena of website design and development, it has become one of the premium organizations which is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company from India that delivers quality work and tailored solutions to their clients.

Google Partner

First, we were much into SEO services also, but now we have moved on much further and started with our highly designed Digital Marketing services. In this service, the Google Adwords partnership plays a vital role, which is actually very difficult to achieve. Well, as we have already discussed about this partnership in our previously written blog, where the summary was: how to achieve the Google Adwords badge for your company and how it is different from the Google Adwords individual certificate!!

Then after we followed our blog in which we have done lots of research and appeared for an online exam, where we scored 96%. Finally, we achieved all the criteria and became the Google Adwords Certified Company!! Isn’t it great??? And as we all know that Pay-Per Click ads are a great way to admire your inbound efforts of marketing, so here are some of the benefits to join PPC campaigns:

  • It will quickly bring qualified leads and targeted traffic to your website.
  • It will bring online visibility which implies to additional traffic and branding.
  • It is easy to determine your ROI, track conversions and manage costs.
  • Here you pay for performance.
  • You can reinforce SEO with PPC advertising.
  • It will also help put your business on the first page of a search result in a crowded marketplace.
  • You can get potential customers in your area, as it targets them geographically and targeting is done by Zip Code, City, State or Country. Also you can reach target audiences globally by age, gender or location.

The benefits don’t end here… Join us to quick-boost your business!!

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, PPC is superbly managed, optimized as well as a cost-effective form of advertising. You should be clear with your goals and objectives, before launching your first PPC campaign.

Why to go for ZealousWeb?

  • We have powerful, dedicated and highly innovative team, who will serve you the best quality.
  • We do not compromise with our work.
  • Our main aim is to satisfy our clients.
  • We deliver total web solutions and full customer support.
  • We have attained major certifications.

Future of ZealousWeb:

ZealousWeb is growing like a family rather than an organization. It will implement a review system in the organization structure with a systemize approach, that will further improvise to become a CMM level organization. Zealousians are not a true zealot in race of numbers, but they believe in sterling quality!!

So, what are you waiting for??? Go ahead and grab our hand for best web services and grow your business to great heights!!

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