ZealousWeb’s 13th Anniversary – Memories From A Fun-filled Trip At Starz Club

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Anniversary celebrations have always been very special at ZealousWeb since team members here never run out of enthusiasm. The excitement among them started from the very day when the company revealed that this time around it is arranging a day trip to Starz Club to celebrate its 13th anniversary. It is one of the most exciting destinations to carry out a range of fun-filled activities including both indoor and outdoor games as well as to spend some stunning moments in tranquility.

Since it was a day-long trip and we had to start early, everyone reached the office premises with their excited faces and comfy clothes by 7 o’clock. By looking at the crowd itself even the passers-by could easily make out that it’s going to be a really interesting excursion.

Buses Left The Office Premises At 7:30 am


The journey began at 7:30 am sharp amid the laughter and whistles of the crowd and we reached our destination around 8:30. Though it was just an hours’ journey from the bus, but team members left no stone unturned when it comes to taking the maximum advantages of it. As they were busy taking selfies and singing songs on the bus, everyone felt as if they reached Starz Club too soon.

The Crowd Was Greeted With A Tantalizing Mocktail


As soon as we reached Starz Club, the crew out there gave us a warm welcome by serving a luscious mocktail, which was loved by each and every member of our team. This refreshing drink was enjoyed by people while relishing the million dollar views of the resort.

It Was Followed By A Succulent Breakfast


Right after the welcome drinks, the crowd entered the banquet hall for having mouth-watering dishes in the breakfast. The taste, texture, and flavor of each dish served at the breakfast were remarkable. We had a range of options to choose from when it comes to what one wants to have.

The Crowd Enjoyed Both Indoor & Outdoor Games


After completing the breakfast, team members started playing a variety of games such as chess, billiards, table tennis, and carrom board etc. In addition to that, they also enjoyed games swimming.

Lunch Was Served At 1 pm


The next thing that was lined up in the schedule was lunch and it started around 1 pm and got over by 2 pm. Since everyone was tired after playing games, they enjoyed their lunch like anything. Again the phenomenal food was served at the lunch along with outstanding desserts.

Movie or Indoor Games


Once the lunch was over, team members were allowed to enjoy some more indoor games. All those who did not feel like playing games anymore took rest for approximately an hour. After that, a highly entertaining movie was showcased at the mini theater which was enjoyed by everyone. Since it was a comedy flick, people kept laughing throughout the movie.

Movie, High-Tea, Fun Time!


After watching a stunning movie everyone moved to the banquet hall for the high tea. A lot of tasty snacks were served along with tea and coffee.

The ZealousWeb Award Function  


The award function, which remains an integral part of the anniversary celebration started around 6:00 in the evening. The award function remains important for all the team members because it is when they are recognized for their hard work and perseverance. Like every year, this year as well certificates and trophies were awarded to outstanding achievers in different categories. All the deserving candidates were acknowledged for their determination and dedication towards their work.



Once the award function was over, everyone started enjoying the disco and had a great time. Amazing songs were played by the DJs which forced the crowd to dance like anything. Since the playlist contained all the rocking songs, everyone danced till the end.

Dinner Was Served At The Poolside


In the end, dinner was served at the poolside which included a range of live food counters. It was an excellent open air dining experience wherein everyone enjoyed a wide range hot and spicy foods.

After enjoying numerous exciting activities throughout the day we finally waved goodbye to Starz Club and entered our buses.

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