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Our CEO Mr. Kandarp Bhatt Helping Businesses Function Coherently by Bridging Technological Gaps

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Founded in 2003, ZealousWeb is a seasoned player with more than 15 years of experience in providing digital solutions. Leveraging its industrial expertise, the firm is widely preferred for its mobile app development, web development, and web design solutions, amongst other services. In the able guidance of their founder and CEO, Kandarp Bhatt, the firm has enjoyed the completion of many successful projects for clients across countries 66 nations catering to 15 different industries. With a few fortune 500 companies as their clients, the firm has taken many leaps and bounds to expand its portfolio to what it is today.

Mr. Kandarp considers his role in helping businesses overcome challenges by understanding their digital shortcomings and providing the aptest solutions that deliver value to their customers. An in-house team of more than 150 proficient and zealously committed resources operates to obtain a common goal under a flexible business model.

Integrity, Quality, Relationship, and Transparency; these are the core values at ZealousWeb that are never compromised. Mr. Bhatt explains that the firm evolves through learning and experience acquired while working with different clients and rejoicing in their growth. A customer-centric approach has seen 71.48% of their client’s collaborating again as repeat customers.

To understand his vision better, GoodFirms interviewed Mr. Kandarp Bhatt as part of their interview series, where he fervently talked about his firm and his role as a director there. A snippet from that interview is logged below.

Mobile App Solutions That Bridge the Gap Between Consumer and Brand:

Mr. Kandarp Bhatt started ZealousWeb to help businesses in a technologically evolving world with solutions that are based on actionable intelligence. Believing that a business permeates more into the market if it is supported by an app that echoes with the brand image of the company, the action-oriented CEO through has dedicated its firm to provide solutions that help out to reach the target market in a digital world that is defined by fingertip touches and swipes.

Businesses have begun to make their presence felt through organized mobile app development services. Mr. Bhatt and his firm provide a competitive edge to start-ups as well as established enterprises by translating a potent idea into a coherent mobile phone application.

The core team of developers at ZealousWeb thrives on invading a problem with a multi-pronged approach to arrive at a resolution that is based on consistent review and updating of processes and underlying hypothesis to acquire efficiency advantages.

Beginning with a primary idea leading to the finalized deliverable, the development process is conducted under a clear view of business goals and essential functions, ensuring that the client’s expectations are always exceeded.

In a constantly evolving atmosphere, the CEO underlines the importance of being agile to adapt to any changing project requirements and progressing targets seamlessly. A transparent process also helps in developing a level of trust with the clients that facilitates clear communication between the client and the provider.

The reason why ZealousWeb is being recognized as one of the top mobile app development companies in North Carolina at GoodFirms is their drive to innovate and communication, which is based on mutual understanding and trust.

Responsive Web Solutions to Ensure Seamless Browsing Sessions:

While asked to comment on the timeframe required to develop apps, Mr. Kandarp Bhatt enlightens by stating that it depends upon various factors such as scope analysis followed by a risk assessment, and risk mitigation involving contingency plans. A cumulative result of these studies formulates a strategy that defines the timeframe required. Shedding light over the time allocation, Mr. Bhatt shares that 60-70% of the time is consumed to develop the back-end while the remaining 30-40% is taken up by the front end development.

The selection of the proper platform of web application development requires further scrutiny considering various factors, which include performance, scalability, potential users, long term trend & support required, and integration with third-party systems required, among other drivers.

The CEO expounds that HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery are used for client-side scripting, while PHP & related frameworks along with .NET and Python are implemented for the service side scripting. Though the firm does take up templates based projects, 90% of the times the clients request for customized website designs. ZealousWeb always delivers responsive website designs that resonate with the brand’s identity.

Questioning about deciding the cost of the web development and the payment structure revealed that the cost estimation primarily depends upon the scope, complexity, scalability & integration along with experience in the technology. The payment structure is more flexible where alternatives such as fixed cost, hourly payment, payment per milestone and dedicated hiring are available.

Through their website and web apps solutions, Mr. Bhatt and his firm aim to help businesses reach out to a broader spectrum of customers globally. Continued delivery of furnished web solutions that are highly user-friendly, dynamic and interactive will ensure that ZealousWeb rises among the charts of the top web development companies in USA at GoodFirms.

Mr. Noe, who has been collaborating with the firm was happy to hand out a 5-star rating while stating:

mr noe review

Considering the client’s content strategy, information architecture, and the user-pathway, the firm develops scalable websites that are aligned with standard coding practices and ready to be marketed to the target audience.

To gain more insights into this formidable CEO, read Mr. Kandarp Bhatt’s comprehensive interview at GoodFirms.

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