Happy Diwali & Happy New Year

ZealousWeb’s Exuberant Diwali

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Shopping spree, annual home scrubbing, color patterns, and the diyas; all this and more are a part of the grand festival of Diwali.

Diwali is the homecoming of Lord Ram from his 14 years of exile. It is the day that marks the end of all troubles and encourages a happy beginning. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil, wrapped within the lines of an epic called Ramayan.

As children, we believed that the story of Lord Rama fighting for this wife’s dignity and self-respect is inspirational. Walking up the cognition ladder, we realize that this tale holds more than just one lesson – it holds the secret of living a righteous life.

Living a law-abiding life is not as easy as it sounds. It involves a constant effort of not stepping out of the line and walking the path with utmost sincerity. In our professional life, we often step out of line to achieve certain goals. We may feel it’s the right thing to do but in reality, we defy the principles laid down by the virtuous himself.

Stuck between the bounds of professional and personal life, we must find a balance between the two to maintain mental health. Like Lord Ram effortlessly carried out his duties towards his people and his family, we must practice patience and determination to strike the same balance. Enthusiasm is another one of the traits practiced and preached by the almighty. After a long day at work, it may be difficult to keep up the same enthusiasm and greet the family. As an ardent follower of Lord Ram’s preachings, enthusiasm is the key to happiness.

We, at ZealousWeb, believe in the principles set down by the noble king and hope to follow his footsteps just as we laid them. So we celebrated the homecoming of Lord Ram with extreme enthusiasm and exuberance. It began with decorating all our offices with colors and bringing forth our artsy side for the world to see. We made Rangolis and filled in colors of all sorts. Later, it went on to holding a ‘Puja’ on the occasion of Dhanteras to wish goddess Lakshmi on her birthday. And in that spirit of celebration, we all parted to our home to enjoy a 4-day long vacation.

Diwali has a lot more significance but Lord Ram returning home victorious is the one the counts the most. The message this act carries is multi-fold, one can only decipher it when one reads the entire life story of Lord Ram. Having said that, there are certain life lessons that one must follow during their professional life to ensure righteous behavior.

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