ZealousWeb’s Participation in WordCamp Ahmedabad

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WordPress is a free, open source and widely used platform for development. It is one of the most loved platforms around the world since it requires very basic skills to develop the project.

Wordcamps are informal meetups that roll out yearly. ZealousWeb remained an active participant as well as a proud sponsor of WordCamp Ahmedabad for the second year in a row.

At WordCamp, the morning routine was filled with joy since there were some exciting arrangements of props. The participants of the event comprised of many kinds of people, like WordPress enthusiasts, developers, students, etc. and to attend them was a different level of excitement.

Exchanging insights about one another at the booth and getting the visitors to play quiz kind of games to win them goodies was a unique experience altogether.

WordCamp is all about the community that helps you grow. To fill the innovative minds with ideas and knowledge is something that our CEO, Kandarp Bhatt did by delivering a great speech on “Taking Freelancing to the Next Level, Starting Your Own Agency..”He described his own professional journey to instantiate the topic, and it was full of resilience.


It was an enriching experience for Zealousians to participate and learn in such an event where great minds tend to share ideas and team up with like-minded people.

If one couldn’t make it to WordCamp this year but is interested to see us, kindly stop by at our office or drop us an email.

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