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Newsletter April 2021
ZealousWeb’s Extended Easter Plugin Sale!

Easter may have passed us, but we’re not over Easter yet! 
Team ZealousWeb is extending the plugin sale offer to continue the Easter spirit and carry on with the celebration. Let’s bring our websites to life, elevate functionalities, and enhance user experience with valuable plugins at an affordable price for the whole month of April! Use the coupon code – EASTER10OFF to avail discount on all plugins!


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Upgrading Add-ons For ExpressionEngine 6
Upgrading Add-ons For  ExpressionEngine 6

In light of the ExpressionEngine version 6 coming out, team ZealousWeb has upgraded all of its add-ons that it has developed so that they are compatible with the new version. In the spirit of going up the ladder, team ZealousWeb has exercised zeal & optimism to be quick in making their add-ons useful for every version.

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Google Chrome 90 Ensures Elevated Security
Google Chrome 90 Ensures Elevated Security
Set to release on April 12, Chrome 90, ensure that all websites open with HTTPS instead of HTTP. Earlier, with Chrome 89, if a user typed an incomplete URL in the address bar, Chrome would consider HTTP by default. But as it one-ups in version, it will only view the more secure version that uses SSL encryption – HTTPS. Here’s more on Chrome 90!
Google Chrome’s new Live Caption feature to transcribe video speeches
With its main benefit to the hearing impaired, Google Chrome’s live caption can transcribe video speech. Introduced in 2019, it was only applicable to a few handsets. Only recently, it was decided that Chrome browser will also begin implementing this feature. You can find this in Chrome 89 via Settings > Advanced > Accessibility.
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