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The year 2021 has been pretty productive and fruitful for our WordPress team so far. We built phenomenal WordPress plugins over the years, which have been performing quite good in the market. However, the ones that captured customers’ attention the most this year include Accept Stripe Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro and Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro. Both these plugins, which streamline the payment processes, are our hot sellers. Priced at $18 each, we offer 30-days support for them.

Explore Our WordPress Plugins

Explore Our WordPress Plugins

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Our ExpressionEngine developers are very content with the performance of our EE add-ons, precisely the way they are stealing the hearts of the users’. Smart Import Export and Smart Export PRO are on the top of our best selling list. The former is priced at $99 and is compatible with EE4, EE5, EE6, whereas the latter costs $45 and is compatible with EE2, EE4, EE5, EE6. We have observed a trend that most EE users avoid the hassle of writing code when it comes to extending the functionality of their websites and hence are using more add-ons. With that in mind, we continue improving our products.

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As in the case of WordPress and EE, the year 2021 has been equally good for our Magento team. Our Magento extensions have gained tremendous popularity among users; we received positive feedback, and our customer engagements have increased considerably. Our best sellers include Language Translator, which allows users to translate the store content into over 75 languages, and Apple SignIn For Magento 2, which helps users log in via the Apple account on the store. The former, which makes it easier for store owners to target more customers, is free, whereas the latter costs $29.

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As a responsible full-service digital agency, we have been customer-centric from the very beginning. Our vision, mission, and values revolve around the concept of empowering our customers and our team. Our customer-first approach guides us through every stage of product development. In short, we build products that can make a difference in our customers’ lives.

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