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5 Reasons You Should Use Our WordPress Plugins



To win in the digital economy, make explicit choices to accelerate the performance of your website. Remember, it’s your gateway to unlocking digital possibilities; it plays a critical role in shaping your future. Unleashing digital possibilities helps define your strategy, and your strategy speaks volumes about where you need to focus.
Here is how our WordPress plugins can help you unleash your growth:

  • Extending functionalities & improving security

  • Streamlining the payment process

  • Improving customer engagements

  • Boosting speed and performance

  • Meeting the ever-evolving needs of your business

The more functional your website is, the easier it becomes for you to leverage it as a marketing and sales tool.

Explore Our WordPress Plugins

Explore Our WordPress Plugins

Let Your Website Be the Differentiator!



Customers are switching radically to online platforms, and you must be competent enough to act smartly to extract value from this surge. Talk about agility, scalability, or stability, you have to work on every aspect to meet the evolving demands. Asymmetrical competition is one of the reasons businesses find it challenging to carve out their unique identity in the market. However, embracing a strategic approach to business transformation can help a great deal. Expanding the capabilities of your ExpressionEngine website and offering a personalised experience to customers can work wonders. You can use our add-ons to improve your website.

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Use Our Magento 2 Extensions to Streamline Your Store!



Believe it or not, there are over 2 billion online shoppers worldwide. So if you also own one, you must focus on improving its performance to acquire more customers. Besides, as more and more businesses turn online, the competition is heating up with each passing day. However, investing in Magento extensions can help you surpass the cut-throat competition. Relying on our extensions can help you in boosting performance and scalability, hassle-free order management, improving engagement and social media integration..

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Our New Arrivals!

ZealousWeb Launches Smart Web Notification!


We are overjoyed to announce that our competent ExpressionEngine developers have developed an advanced add-on called Smart Web Notifications that allows website admin to configure and display desktop notifications to site users. The add-on sends the notifications with the help of a Firebase account. It is compatible with EE5 and EE6 and is absolutely free. The admin can edit the existing notifications and can also send an icon and an image with them.


A Note to Our Lovely Readers!

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The key to your business success lies in your potential to outmanoeuvre the uncertainties that come your way, either due to market fluctuations or operational inconsistencies arising from outdated processes and other issues. You must build resilience by using modern technologies and rely on modern ways to reach your target market. Besides, an innovative mindset is also crucial for unlocking disruptive ways and means of winning. You need to anticipate and embrace the game-changing market, business, and technology trends. Unless you have an unending urge to build innovative solutions for your clients, your business growth remains at stake. So focus on building your technology innovation capabilities.