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ZealousWeb's WordPress Plugins Empower Non-Coders!

ZealousWeb’s WordPress Plugins Empower Non-Coders!


At ZealousWeb, we follow a practice of refining and advancing our products constantly, and our WordPress plugins are no exception to the rule. Irrespective of how the market behaves, the one thing that keeps us going is the unfaltering passion and ambition of our team to work steadily towards setting new benchmarks for elevating product quality. Our product development approach revolves around your needs; we anticipate your demands to come up with dynamic WordPress plugins. Our customer-first strategy allows us to keep quality standards as high as possible. One of our goals is to help non-coders revolutionise the functionality of their WordPress websites just by integrating advanced plugins.

ZealousWeb's EE Add-Ons End Your Search for Additional Features!

ZealousWeb’s EE Add-Ons End Your Search for Additional Features!


At ZealousWeb, we think your priority is our priority, so we design products that help you offer a refined experience to your customers. Our ExpressionEngine add-ons put a full stop to your search for extra features. You can extend the capabilities of your EE website at a comparatively low price point. We know how challenging it is to operate in a constantly evolving business environment; hence, our EE team creates revolutionary products so that you can put your best foot forward. Whether you are looking forward to developing channel forms, optimising your site for SEO, or getting feeds and updates from various social media platforms, we have quality add-ons to meet all your needs.

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Meet Customer Expectations With Our Magento Extensions!

Meet Customer Expectations With Our Magento Extensions!


Even if you have built a visually vibrant eCommerce store with Magento 2, you should be using cutting-edge Magento extensions to stand out in the market, ideally. Using innovative extensions help you run, maintain, and extend the functionality of your store so that you can meet the changing customer expectations. There is no denying that today’s customers appreciate online shopping for the comfort that it offers. However, if you fail to have a functionally rich Magento store, you will struggle to attract new customers and retain existing ones. So whether you want to set customer-specific discounts or encourage customers to reach your store for pricing related queries, we have got you covered. We have extensions to meet most of your business requirements.

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Our New Arrivals!

ZealousWeb Launches Advanced Reporting & Analytics!

ZealousWeb Launches Advanced Reporting & Analytics!


ZealousWeb Technologies rolled out Advanced Reporting & Analytics, a Magento 2 extension for seamless analysis of sales, customer and product data. It’s easy to install, features three dashboards, and offers over 25 new reports making it easier for admin to examine data related to their offerings, potential and existing buyers, and sales. Priced at $132, you can also create custom reports with its assistance.


ZealousWeb Unveils a Craft Plugin to Gather User Data!

ZealousWeb Unveils a Craft Plugin to Gather User Data!


ZealousWeb Technologies unveiled an innovative plugin for Craft CMS for collecting user information. The company introduced the Smart Google Analytics plugin that allows Craft users to get in-depth information about their site visitors. So if you have a Craft website and want to track your visitors without logging into Google Analytics, you can integrate this plugin into your site.


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