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At ZealousWeb, we understand how significant it is for businesses worldwide to embrace digitalisation to be in the race. Our team is committed to making noticeable contributions to this global transition. We don’t hesitate to jump through hoops to develop products that help you beat the challenges of the digital world. Our WordPress developers know it is crucial for you to strengthen your security, credibility, and resilience to cruise safely in the constantly evolving market conditions. Hence they buckle down to create plugins that help you offer a better experience to your site visitors to drive enduring success. The performance of your website plays a vital role in converting the traffic into loyal customers. The more functional a website you have, the longer the visitors stick around and eventually take the required action. Whether you want to accept payments, show users similar products viewed by other customers, embed videos in the product image gallery, or track users’ geolocations, we have plugins to meet all your needs.


Explore our WordPress Plugins

Explore our WordPress Plugins

Sustain Your Progress by Staying Relevant to Time!


There is little doubt that technological advancements are setting the stage for creating a better tomorrow, both for individuals and businesses. However, the irony is your failure to recognise their significance immediately will make it harder for you to stay relevant to time, which will have an adverse impact on your growth. To grab new prospects and possibilities it’s paramount for you to react smartly to changing market dynamics. You must be digitally sound to deal swiftly with market complexities. Digitally mature organisations are far more inclined to meet their business goals than those that lag behind in this area. One of the basic steps that a company needs to take in the direction of becoming digitally sound is to have a powerful website in place – the one that helps users find what they want. If you are an ExpressionEngine user, you can use our add-ons to make your site more time-relevant and strengthen security.

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Drive Revenue Growth Amidst Volatility!


New technologies are emerging in ever-smaller intervals and are getting implemented within short durations, making it challenging for e-commerce businesses to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Moreover, the customer mindset has transformed immensely over the years, raising the bar for companies in delivering quality and convenience. External market forces and changing economic conditions are constantly reshaping the competitive landscape, pushing businesses to make data-driven decisions. Although e-commerce is thriving worldwide, the competition is also growing dramatically, propelling Magento e-commerce store owners to elevate the customer experience. So whether you want to add functionality to help your customers share your products on WhatsApp or translate language while exploring your store, our Magento extensions can take customer experience to the next level.

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Products You Must Put Your Trust In!

Decode Your Business Success!


Do you want to redefine customer experience? If so, then it’s time to move beyond the traditional approach and step into the world of possibilities by investing in products that drive results. For example, if you own an e-commerce store and want to make informed decisions based on sales, customer and product data, you must integrate our Advanced Reporting & Analytics extension. Also, if you don’t want the language to be a barrier for your customers, invest in Language Translator For Magento 2. Similarly, if you have a WordPress website and want to know visitors’ locations, you can opt for our ‘Track Geolocation Of Users Using Contact Form 7‘ plugin. We build products to help you drive loyalty to sustain your growth; it keeps us moving.

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Execution excellence is critical for driving business success. And implementing the right technology is paramount to nurturing strategy and contriving execution excellence. Tech strategies that generate exceptional business value are central to accelerating change within organizations. As a responsible entity, you must be capable of aiding your clients in discovering business areas that have scope for transformation and offer practical solutions for the same. However, to do so, you should transform your organization in the first place by implementing tools, techniques, and solutions that support your key business strategies. At ZealousWeb, we assist you with groundbreaking tech practices, solutions and products to help you establish a brand you always dreamt of becoming. As a brand, you need to look within to discover where you stand today and how far you want to go in the next five to ten years. And based on that – you need to develop the required resilience. Also, it would help if you have an undying pursuit to transform the customer experience, as that is vital for beating the competition.
Before we wrap up, we would like to stress that as your technology partner, we provide the necessary guidance that helps you peep within to identify the areas that need improvement. All you need to do is put your trust in us!