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Rational Decision Making Leads to Progress!

Make Decisions Based On Data With ZealousWeb’s Smart Google Analytics!

We wholeheartedly believe that data-based decision making allows businesses to transform their organisational structure and grow their customer base. Our accomplished ExpressionEngine team knows that data-driven insights compel you to rethink how you serve your users, which eventually allows you to offer an exceptional customer experience – as it leads to rational decision making. So to ensure you always make informed decisions, our team has developed an unfailing add-on called Smart Google Analytics. You can get in-depth information about your website visitors and strengthen your sales and marketing strategies accordingly.

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Underpin Your Practice With Our ROI Focused Services!

Build Professional Territory with Our Healthcare Digital Marketing Services!

At ZealousWeb, we have seasoned healthcare digital marketers who use outcome-focused strategies to help you showcase your expertise to your potential patients and build your reputation in the market. To experience the growth you want, you need to understand that your audience likes making informed decisions – they will always opt for a trusted healthcare service provider who has a good reputation in the market. Hence, building credibility should remain your priority. Our services will reduce the cost of acquiring patients and will help you with location-based targeting. You will be able to make data-driven decisions, and your search engine visibility will increase considerably.

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We Reinvent Our Operating Model to Fuel Growth!

ZealousWeb Innovates Its Operating Model!

Delivering value to customers remains at the heart of our growth approach. We believe that growth is a two-way process, and it is hard to sustain it until you become the source that stimulates your clients’ progress. And to ensure that in today’s increasingly complex and rapidly evolving business environment, we succeed in this direction, we believe that business model innovation is decisive. Our focus lies in building new capabilities and aligning our goals with customer value. We are constantly innovating our processes, building our tech fluency, and sharpening our business acumen by obtaining insights from differentiated intelligence.

Tech Giant Microsoft Is Expected to Redesign Skype!
Tech Giant Microsoft Is Expected to Redesign Skype!
Microsoft is all set to transform your video calling experience as it plans to redesign Skype – its proprietary telecommunications application. The company is expected to add a host of new features to Skype to take customer experience to a whole new level. Media reports indicate that the new design will fit both light and dark themes. For more info, click here.
Facebook to Invest $50 Million to Develop the 'Metaverse'!
Facebook to Invest $50 Million to Develop the ‘Metaverse’!
Media reports indicate that Facebook is anticipated to invest $50 million to develop metaverse, a digital platform that will allow users to use different devices to communicate virtually. The company will partner with various organisations to make this happen. It will work with researchers to discover new ways of maintaining data privacy and safety. For more info, click here. 

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