Celebrities Cart is the first Jordanian e-commerce application for cosmetics. Here the users can find Jordanian celebrities with their favourite products. The users can get the celebrity look they wish and fill their collection with the trendiest products. The sleek and modern design of the app lets the users browse the products smoothly. Online shopping is much easier now where you can buy all the most popular cosmetics and beauty products by clicking a button. The application supports multi-vendor options to bring all the cosmetic and beauty industry in one place.


  • Advanced search option to browse the products
  • Option to select and get your favourite Jordanian Celebrity look
  • Option to buy products from different brands and collections
  • Wishlist the favourites and keep buying them
  • Secure and seamless payment option
  • Forum to discuss trends

Technical Specification:

  • Swift, AutoLayout
  • Java
  • Magento APIs – REST APIs Integration
  • Social Media Integration


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