RTO is a simple yet effective learning application to prepare for a test by the Regional transport organization. With a simple and interactive design, users can browse and learn from the videos and learning materials covering all the test topics. Using this application, the users can check their preparation by giving mock tests consisting of MCQs and track their progress out of their learning.  

We’ve helped them for:

  • App Consulting
  • Designing the app
  • Brand Identity Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile App Development


  • Users can create and manage their profiles.
  • Option to browse through different Training topics.
  • Watch informatic videos from the video list to learn for the test.
  • Option to perform the quiz to practice for the test.
  • Option to view the result and track progress.

Technical Specifications:

  • Front-end: Objective C, AutoResizing masking, Video Player
  • Back-end: Laravel PHP APIs – REST API integration 


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