Ahmedabad, India – (February 20, 2019) – Meanwhile ZealousWeb and Almana Digital were relishing their new partnership, Mahesh Haval, General Manager at Almana Networks, decided to visit ZealousWeb’s India office for the website launch on 21st-22nd January 2019. He decided to see where his money on purchases is going, so he made an appointment to visit.

He, during his visit, commented:

“I want to express my utmost gratitude and awe at the expertise, customer service, and absolute niceness of the ZealousWeb team. It was a wonderful meeting them. They patiently explained every query that I had. Excellent and Outstanding Service! The designers and developers have their professional skills in their jobs. ZealousWeb has a well planned and well-organized itinerary. This was overall the very best experience I have ever had dealing with an IT organization. I would definitely recommend ZealousWeb.”

Looking forward to FIFA 2022, both the organizations’ leaders examined the probability of magnifying their digital services. They discussed how they, together, can enhance the capability in FIFA by providing digital services like e-commerce, mobile, branding, and digital marketing solutions to the merchandise and Football Clubs. Combinedly, this meeting was an exchange of meaningful information, that ends with a road-map for the future relationship laid out.

CEO & Founder of ZealousWeb, Kandarp Bhatt, added:

“We believe that the visit is the start of the relationship getting real and that highlighting expertise, adaptability, and clear-headed innovation capabilities throughout the visit process create the best foundation. During the course of 2 days, ideas were traded, interests were acquired, not just professional but on a personal level which turned us into ‘friends’ from merely a ‘client’.”

For more information or to get in contact with a ZealousWeb representative in both the region, contact hello@zealousweb.com.

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