Ahmedabad, India – (15 December 2022) – Team ZealousWeb exhibited at the 31st edition of Medicall at Kolkata. to introduce 360-degree Digital Transformation to Hospitals, Equipment Dealers & Suppliers, Individual Practitioners, and other Healthcare professionals.

The three-day event (9th-10th-11th December) saw a footfall of about 5000+ visitors and 70 exhibitors at the Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan, Kolkata A team from ZealousWeb flew on the 8th of December (a day prior) to set up their stall and ensure that we were ready for the event on the following day. The 5 AM flight on the 8th was 2 hours of non-stop conversation about the event and how we would pitch our Healthcare Digital Transformation proposition to the visitors and fellow exhibitors.

A team of 6 people represented ZealousWeb at Medicall in Booth H10;

  • Mr. Kandarp Bhatt – CEO
  • Mr. Vishal Bhatt – CFO
  • Mr. Jinal Parekh – Web Development Leader
  • Ms. Aastha Oberoi – Brand Manager
  • Mr. Vinod Naicker – Digital Marketing Leader, and
  • Ms. Heena Vanjani – Customer Relations Specialist

The team has proactively posted about their first day at the event on LinkedIn and called it an experience with unprecedented learning.

The team flew back with a lot of validation about their Healthcare Digital Transformation proposition. They felt they’d aptly poured their 5+ years of Healthcare DT experience into the proposition and rightly channeled #SolvingTheUnsolved.

The key takeaways from Medicall were as follows;

  1. The Healthcare ecosystem is in dire need of Digital Transformation to reach the right target audience with its offerings and brand
  2. Stakeholders are looking for a partner to help them in their digital transformation journey with the right strategies and results
  3. There is a lack of trust because of plummeting numbers and poor results
  4. Most stakeholders are aware of the fundamental digital marketing practices are proactively partake in brainstorming and strategizing
  5. ZealousWeb’s Digital Transformation proposition at Medicall appealed to a lot of doctors (individual practitioners) looking to promote their clinic and themselves

“Right out of a sales handbook, a customer that chats with you the longest is a solid potential buyer. The duration of the conversation is directly proportional to the possibility of sales. And it was pride-worthy for us that the average duration at our booth was around 25 minutes. During these conversations, we figured out that most of them had a similar problem that our proposition addressed; thereby crossing building a foundation of trust.” said Vinod, the Digital Marketing Lead @ ZealousWeb

Team ZealousWeb is now back at its headquarters in Ahmedabad and all ready to reach out to the Medicall prospects. Here’s wishing them all the luck!

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