San Diego, USA – (February 18, 2021) – Emerging out of the COVID-19 pandemic is perhaps the highlight of 2021 with the vaccine rolling-out and the affected numbers going down. As the world shifts back to normal, businesses have taken measures to go back to normal as well. While some have put in action their contingency plan to fight the effects of COVID-19 on their business cycle, others have applied the trial & error method to ensure business perpetuity.

powerful launch in the UK

In the same spirit, ZealousWeb – an innovative IT company headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, successfully operating from the USA, UK, & Qatar – has taken a step to add more value to various industries and registered ZealousWeb UK as 2020 ended. The company has been operating in the UK for a couple of years under the brand name My Remote Partner. To leverage ZealousWeb’s experience, commitment, consistency, and work around the globe under a homogenous brand name, the stakeholders decided to register as ZealousWeb UK.

Owing to the UK’s seamless legal system, the transition was swift and hassle-free. The company took up the office in London – the heart of the UK – and is headed by Neil Williams, CEO ZealousWeb UK, and Andrew Jones, CTO ZealousWeb UK.

The Trio of ZealousWeb Global has released a joint statement saying, “Although our office has been operational in the UK for a couple of years, this shift still feels like launching a new branch in the capital city of the United Kingdom. Amidst the pandemic, it seemed challenging to carry out this transition, but our team’s hard work made it possible in mere months. So, as we stepped into 2021, we also inaugurated the official title – ZealousWeb UK and our virtual office of London.”

ZealousWeb has stayed true to its tag line – Optimism At Its Finest – and worked with double the zeal to make ZealousWeb UK possible. We appreciate their enthusiasm and optimism!

About ZealousWeb

ZealousWeb is a leading digital transformation company providing a broad range of services starting from conception to completion of Design, Web Development, Mobile Applications, Cognitive Solutions, Digital Marketing, and Consulting. Combining the unmatched experience of successful services in 66 countries, across 16 various industries with a global presence in the USA, UK, India, Qatar. ZealousWeb has a well-established track record with excellent customer satisfaction. For more information, visit us at