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Smartphones are an integral part of our lives. Most of the smartphones in the market are android phones, because they have dynamic features and are very popular. Android technology has global and massive presence. Apart from multiple features, android phones offer tremendous scope for third-party developers, which improves the functionality of the smartphones. We know that a smartphone with several functionalities can make our day-to-day tasks easier and make us more organized and efficient in our personal lives and businesses that we operate.

Android application development platform has several advantages such as android applications can be downloaded free of cost as these apps are part of an open-source system, which the developers love. So, cost-effectiveness is one of the biggest reasons, android apps are preferred all over the world.

Many business sectors such as banking, advertising, cloud-based services and entertainment are already benefiting from android apps because of their reach and versatility. The prime reasons why these businesses prefer to use android apps are their inexpensiveness and speed. Mobile banking is already booming across the world and it has significantly boosted online banks and services provided by them such as wealth management. People are also frequently using mobile payment services globally.

Android app development has impacted the following sectors:


Android apps are frequently being used in the world of online advertising. Android apps have dominated online advertising and therefore other platforms are facing stiff competition from android apps.

Cloud based services:

Cloud-based services allow you to share resources between different mobile phones and hence these are extremely valuable for small businesses. New android apps are being developed to further enhance connectivity and access data from mobile Internet. This data can be shared with other smartphones using android apps. Developers are also working upon the apps, which will allow users to retrieve real-time online traffic data by networking with the smartphone devices in nearby locations.


Development of android apps has impacted many other areas such as fashion and entertainment as well, apart from business and information sectors. Many fashion and entertainment apps are already popular globally generating huge revenues for their businesses.

Location based services:

We know that businesses are localizing their online presence on search engines, so that they can attract their local online populace. Android apps help the online groups, which have the same interest, come together. Social networking is also making use of location-based services.

Android technology is not limited to these businesses and functions. As a matter of fact, it has tremendous scope for future because of its speed, versatility, ease of use and popularity.

Coming soon in Android:

As we have discussed above, sky is the limit for android technology. Among the futuristic developments are the android apps for wearable devices. Google has developed a smart wrist watch and new apps are being developed for that. It has been named as Moto 360. This is a sleek, light and elegant smart watch, which is available in a classic analog design. The android apps running on this smart watch are based on Android Wear, a new version of android software.


So, we can say that we are entering into the exciting new world of android apps. In future, android apps are going to play an important part in our lives, because they will simplify many things and save time for us. Android apps are booming across the world and this trend will continue in the near future.


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