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Recent-Most Trends In Web Design To Inspire Your 2021 Strategy!

Post by|Branding & Design10 August,2020
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Trends and time give one guarantee that they will never be the same. Every year comes new website design trends. Web design is continuously changing and getting creative. Technologies are endless, and we are seeing that designers are parallel with technologies. The current trend in design is not only limited to goal-oriented, but so many new factors are included now like on dynamic scrolling, custom illustrations, colour trends, focus on UX/UI, etc., and it’s getting more and more creative.

White Space

Using white space wisely can give a good look and uniqueness to your website. It creates a visual sequence where no element distracts from the whole. With white space, you can target what important information your visitor needs to look at first. The user will not be distracted and confused with that.

If you will use less white space within two elements, then the user will see them as one element. With that, they can miss important information or what they were looking for. User can be lost when he sees Crowded elements with each other. So try to use white space as enough to separate information. Knowing how to use white space on your website will help improve your site’s user experience.

Digital Illustrations

Illustrations are quite an all-round tool. Digital illustrations make a website unique from a crowd. Illustrations that can tell a story of your website in one image. It can create an emotional bond with visitors. Mostly digital illustrations are used in hero-banner and feature explanation. So without reading. Illustrations can help visitors understand your message.

With one look at Illustrations, the user will know about your product or service which you provide. Your website will start breathing with that.

Dynamic Scrolling

If you’re looking for great creativity for your website, then Dynamic Scrolling is your go-to option. It gives your visitors a 3-D experience and allows them to relate with the brand and enhance user association. You can use background video & images or Abstract Shapes for animation. You can avail – play video on a scroll and make animation on the scroll to give your website a magical effect and experience.

You must observe caution when using such a powerful tool. You don’t want to use any scrolling effect that can distract your visitor, and you must also ensure that it isn’t animation heavy because that might slow your website.

Colour Scheme

Choosing colours for a website is very important for your visitors. You can’t use colours that you like; you need to choose colours that can strengthen the website and branding of the business.
Vibrant colours give visual interest to a layout. User attention is a precious resource, and one of the most effective ways to grab attention is by using colours that stand out. Bright colours used for the background can capture the visitor’s attention and contribute to a truly memorable experience.

We can use gradients in multiple ways which increase the depth of design. Trending graphic design uses big, bold, and colour gradients that describe the design in depth. Use gradients instead of just plain backgrounds. Gradients can catch visitors’ eyes backgrounds because gradients cover a range of colours. Your colours must match your brand.

Background Video

The trend for the hero banner is now to add background video instead of images. Images tell your idea to the visitor, but the video can show your idea creatively to the visitors. It helps the designers to deliver the main idea quickly.

Now internet connections have high speed, so background video makes a good experience for visitors. It is better to choose the video with sound and play In the loop.

Bold Typography

The welcome heading is most important for the website. So that it is most important to present the text as it increases precious messages to visitors. Bold typography helps designers to achieve that. Bold fonts are easy to read compared to normal fonts. So, it is suggested to use bold fonts for headings.

Fonts are playing the biggest role in your website. It is a powerful tool for catching your audience’s attention. So, use fonts related fonts according to your profession or services, like if you are designing a creative site, then you can use fancy and serifs type’s fonts. But if you are making a professional website, then use simple fonts and sans serifs.


Iconography means the language of icons. Which can represent features, functionality, or content? In Web Design, using icons that can be recognized, and understood immediately, we can make a good impact on the user’s mind. We don’t have to write the title about what we are showing, but the user will directly understand our point of view.

Unusual Navigation

It’s hard to predict what designers can make with creative minds. Young designers always make experiments with their creativity and mind, and sometimes they make unexpected things. Unusual Navigation is one part of this.

Unique websites always need unique designs. Unusual navigation is not a common trend, it is a complex trend. Navigation has to guide users through a website. Sometimes designers focus on what the user is looking for and where they have to place it. Unusual navigation can creatively surprise viewers.


Always be with trends and ideas that can enhance our website’s look and functionality. If we will not be with the trend, then it will not take long for us to get out of trend. So, always look around for the idea and observe good websites. But take care that the trend does not make a side-effect to the website’s performance. Large images or graphics can increase the look and value of our website, but not at the cost of loading speed.


White space is effective in design look only?

No, white space is not only effective look only, but correct use of it in the text can increase readability more. Users can find targeted text and information easily.

Is it mandatory to use Iconography?

No, Iconography is not mandatory. But with that, you can give a new experience to the user. You don’t have to write words to express information, and the user will watch icons first then content. So that you can creatively highlight your information.

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