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Rescuing abandoned and neglected animals, and finding a reliable shelter for them is perhaps one of the most admirable jobs that individuals and rescue organizations are doing today. For centuries, animals like dogs and cats have been man’s best friends. The bond that they share with human beings is hard to describe in words. Whether you talk about companionship or loyalty, engaging with animals is the best way to experience it.

Even though animals have always been an integral part of the lives of human beings, in today’s world the cruelty against animals is increasing drastically. Nowadays, people go on hunting expeditions just for fun and don’t even hesitate a bit before targeting endangered animals such as rhinos, tigers, gorillas, snow leopards, blue whales, sea otters, and Asian elephants.

Although each country has animal protection laws, most people are unaware of them while others are least bothered about protecting animals.

In some countries, the use of animal products such as rhino horns and tiger bones was legal in medicines and medical research earlier, but this is changing now. China has also postponed the decision to lift a ban on rhino horn and tiger bone, partially.

In October 2019, China had decided to legalize the use of tiger bones and rhino horns in medicine, which was banned by the country earlier. However, after intense criticism from the international community and the environmental groups from across the world, China postponed the idea of lifting the 25-year ban.

Since the number of tigers and rhinos is decreasing continually, they unquestionably need more protection.

Animal rescue groups, organizations offering shelter to animals, and environmental groups across the planet are working hard to protect neglected animals and generate awareness among people about how vital they are for our existence.

Difference Between Animal Rescue And Animal Shelter

Animal rescue is the activity of rescuing lost and stray animals and providing them with a reliable place to stay whereas animal shelter is a facility designed for homeless animals, which runs with the help of charitable funds.

Each year a wide range of lost and abandoned animals die on the street. They either die due to hunger and diseases or injuries. However, shelter homes and rescue organizations provide the necessary medical attention to sick and wounded animals, which saves their life.

According to a report, a non-profit organization called The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said that “7.6 million companion animals enter shelters in the US each year. The report further says that “The ASPCA estimates that 29% of cats and dogs in the United States came from animal shelters.”

People often visit shelter homes to adopt pets, however, those who can’t afford to raise them at their homes, end up donating the money to the shelter home for promoting their well-being.

Rescue organizations and shelter home authorities often work together to safeguard animals.

As an individual or organization, if you want to work towards animal welfare, you can approach reliable rescue groups and animal shelters to help them. Whether you offer information to rescue groups about abandoned animals or donate money to an animal shelter, your contribution will make a big difference in protecting animals.

Here Is How Human Beings Are Threatening Animals

A report in the Independent says that in November 2018, a dolphin was found shot dead on California beach, and a rescue group called Marine Animal Rescue condemned this brutal incident severely. Peter Wallerstein, who is the founder of the rescue group said, “It’s just a vicious act of brutality.”

The doctor examining the dolphin found that it died due to a bullet wound, and the rescue organization that discovered it on the beach offered a $5,000 reward for finding the person who killed it.

Japan is planning to resume whale hunting again. According to a Washington Post report, the Country disclosed that it will exit from the International Whaling Commission, and will start commercial whale hunting after that.

The same report said, “Japan never stopped hunting and killing whales; it used the pretext of “scientific research” to mask the activity.”

The conservation groups have criticized Japan for never fully obeying international law.

According to a study, “Bird and mammal abundances declined by 58% (25 to 76%) and by 83% (72 to 90%) in hunted compared with unhunted areas.”

In African and American countries, people indulge in hunting activities just for seeking that ultimate excitement. The wildlife conservation groups and rescue organizations continue to raise concerns about this problem, but hunting enthusiasts don’t take them that seriously.

Why Are Animals Significant For This Planet

All animals play a vital role in saving this planet. Whether you talk about mammals, insects or micro-organisms, they are all crucial for our existence. Mother nature has created each living organization with some purpose, and since human beings are the most intelligent among them, it’s our responsibility to protect other living organisms to safeguard this planet.

We use some animals for food while others play an indispensable role in decomposition. We can’t neglect any of them; they are all vital for us and this beautiful planet.

In coastal areas, people rely a lot on fishing. It’s not only a mode of employment but also provides food to millions of people. However, to reap its benefits continually, we should learn how to maintain marine life. For example, when we know that whales are disappearing fast, we should try to protect them rather than hunting them.

How Individuals Can Protect Animals

As an individual, if you want to protect animals, you can begin by adopting a dog or a cat from a shelter home or approach a rescue organization for the same. If you live a busy life and have no one at home, who can take care of your pet, you can fund rescue organizations and shelter homes.

Apart from that, whenever you see a stray dog, cat, or any other animal in a life-threatening condition, you can bring it to the notice of a shelter home or a rescue organization. However, if there is no shelter home near your home, you can even file a police complaint.

There are three types of shelter homes which include open admission shelters, limited admission shelter, and no-kill shelter.

If you talk especially about open admission shelters, they welcome all types of animals. However, sometimes the authorities belonging to such shelter homes have to euthanize certain animals if they are struggling with a dangerous condition which is impossible to cure.

If you find an abandoned animal and hand it over to an open admission shelter, they will take care of it, but if it’s suffering from a disease, the shelter authorities might euthanize it.

However, if you talk about a limited admission shelter, they accept only a limited number of animals. These shelter homes will offer all the necessary facilities for the animals so that they can live a healthy life.

These shelters will not euthanize an animal until its struggling with a severe problem that can also spread to other animals. On the other hand, no-kill shelters accept only a small number of animals, and they refuse to admit those with health problems. So, if you have a pet, but are unable to take care of them due to some reason, you can hand them over to a no-kill shelter.

In short, animals have an equal right to live a good life so we shouldn’t snatch this opportunity from them.

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