Shape Up Brands with These mCommerce Trends And Facts

Post by|eCommerceApr.28.2014

The year 2014 is already showing different trends across industries. However, one trend that is seen common for brands belonging to different verticals is the need of mobility for a continued rise this year. Enterprise mobility was prosperous in the year 2013 and is set to continue its growth this year too.

The m-commerce sector has already exceeded all expectation and is growing strength to strength. This is largely due to technological advancements in this sector that have greatly improved the way consumers are buying these days. The internet users via mobiles are rising every day.

As is the case with any kind of technology that has potential of making significant contribution to the functions of society, m-commerce too is experiencing major trends that are useful for brands to add value to their online presence. These trends are flourishing and are set to mature in this year. I have always been an ardent follower of m-commerce and mobile marketing campaign so I would love to share some important pointers that may be helpful for brands to push their value on the web community.

Mobiles Will Rule

The year 2014 is definitely going to be the year of the mobile screen. The number of subscriptions is rising every day and it is sure to cross the people alive this year. Research done by many has also proved that the mobile users for internet will cross the desktop users on the global front. This also means that the number of e-shoppers via mobiles will be more than the ones using desktops. This makes it imperative for brands to leverage the power of mobility to grow.

Brands have to understand that the mobiles are not just mediums via which the customer will interact with you; it has already become a channel that is primarily used for communicating and interacting with people and brands too.

You may wonder that this is a well-known truth and I do not have to explain about it’s importance to you. However, if you claim so, then ask yourself one question as to is your website mobile friendly? If your answer is yes, then first I will congratulate you and then ask you to capitalize on this and read on to know some more activities you can engage your customers with.

Relationships that are always on

The advent of smartphones and tablets has ensured that brands can now reach their potential customers all the time. People always have their smartphones at arm’s distance and hence brands can reach customers every time.

Business people shaking hands

When the world was used to the desktops for e-commerce needs, brands did not have the option of real-time reach that can motivate users to take action immediately. Brands did not have the option to send alerts about favorite items on sale or some special deals. However, with m-commerce ruling the roost now, brands have an excellent opportunity of gaining customer interest all the time. Brands need to understand this potential and keep in touch with customer always. Engaging customers will increase brand value and also provide revenue.

Analytics has reached mobiles

This one is the most important point. Purchases are regularly done online these days; however, if they are not measured based on the customer progressions and behavior of browsing, then you might loose on vital insights for m-commerce. You have to accept the fact that almost 9 out of 10 people visiting your sites will not purchase anything; however, understanding what the others who buy are doing is crucial. This will aid you in knowing what customers like and act accordingly.

I would conclude that brands carefully read through these trends and suggestions and act accordingly if they intend to stay in sync with the customer buying moods.

Summary: The explosion of mobile commerce is rocking every industry across the globe and brands have to utilize its potential for attracting customers; more importantly, staying in constant touch with customers if they intend to survive.

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