If you are planning to build a website that allows you sell both physical and digital products, it’s important that you opt for a simple and straightforward way of processing payments. Most of the times because of your complex payment methods, customers tend to cancel their plans of buying a particular product from your WordPress website, and such circumstances are really very harmful to the growth of your business.

In other words, one of the most important signs of a productive website is that it should allow customers to make payments by following simple steps. Whether you run an online store wherein you have to deal with the orders placed by customers or you want people to donate for your cause through your website, you cannot perform your task effectively until and unless you follow an efficient payment method.

Nowadays, everything is sold online right from digital products such as themes, plugins, to physical products like TV, fridge, furniture, to vegetables and clothes etc., through websites, hence you must develop them accordingly.

In short, it’s good to make your website capable enough to accept payments from different types of debit cards and credit cards available to your customers. If you have a WordPress website, make sure that you allow your customers to use PayPal – one of the most famous payment gateways that are used by a wide range of business globally.

Here’re some important plugins which can make it possible for your website to accept payments through PayPal.

Use “Sell Digital Downloads” To Offer Digital Products   

You are planning to start a business wherein you can sell digital products like PDFs, themes, plugins, videos and e-books etc., you can use a plugin called Sell Digital Downloads with your WordPress website to make the payment process simple for your customers. Sell Digital Downloads is a highly user-friendly plugin which is meant to be used with PayPal.

When it comes to using this plugin, the first thing that you have to do is use the standard media uploader for uploading the files in your website. Remember, the files that we are talking about here are the ones that you want to sell via your website. So, once you are done with uploading the files, you then have to develop a new product related to each one of them. When an order is placed by a customer for a product in question, he/she receives an automated email giving its conformation. And once payment is made by them through PayPal, the product in question is received by the customer in his/her inbox.

Use eShop – A Shopping Cart Plugin For Your WordPress Website

If you want to use a shopping cart plugin that comes with plenty of incredible features then eShop is the right option for you. It’s a kind of WordPress plugin that allows you to run your online store in the most efficient way possible. This plugin is also very useful if you want to sell downloadable products. You can easily create new products with the assistance of custom post types and your customers can easily sign up for your website. In addition to that, this plugin allows you offer multiple shipping options to your customers, which eventually helps in improving the user experience.

Accept Payments With “PayPal Donations”

If you have no intentions of selling any sort of products and services through your WordPress website but want to receive funds or donations from your clients, PayPal Donations is the right plugin for you.

In order to add donation receiving capabilities to your website, all you have to do is add a shortcode and sidebar widget to it. In addition to that, you can also use a plugin called Smart Donations for the same purpose.

Use PayPal Responder To Sell Different Kinds Of Products

No matter what you want to sell, you can do that easily with PayPal Responder. It’s a great WordPress plugin that sends an email responder to the customers after they process the payment through PayPal. Once your customer plans to buy a particular product, they don’t have to go through a lengthy process when it comes to making payments. You can easily manage multiple products with its support.

Offer Subscriptions With Paid Memberships Pro

If you are looking forward to using a dynamic plugin that can be used with multiple payment gateways like Braintree, and Stripe apart from PayPal, then Paid Memberships Pro is exactly what you should opt for. The best part of using this plugin is that it supports different types of membership levels. That means if you have this plugin you can offer the option of both paid and free subscriptions and then renew them accordingly. For example, subscriptions can be renewed weekly, monthly or annually.

So, if you want to boost the efficiency of your website in terms of receiving payments and donations, you can use the above-mentioned plugins.