StumbleUpon Paid Search & Google – The (re)Marketing Pioneers

The partnership of Stumbleupon and Google when it comes to marketing and re-marketing dates many years back. The approach is very cheap and efficient, delivering mind blowing results. For a while, I have stopped hearing the news about this approach, so I decided to explain the methodology of the partnership and revive the approach.

Stumbleupon is the prodigy of the Web 1.0 world and it eBay bought it in 2007, as it was not used the way it was meant to be. Nevertheless, it was bought back in ’09 and even still Stumbleupon is away from press coverage and other exposure, it has been able to maintain good rapport among the users and have been able to generate a loyal following. The bad luck of Stumbleupon is that, since its launch, the ability of it is widely overlooked and people are not aware of the benefits it can generate.

How It Works?

Paid Discovery

  • We all have been buying Stumbles for ages now. The thing is, such facility if overshadowed by other competitors in the market, so the Paid Discovery is not well known. On the contrary, it is very effective. The mechanism of paid discovery is just like any other paid advertisement.
  • You can buy the paid services and target any Stumbleupon user through according to your target location and area of interest. The careful selection of targeted audience is very important as you have a specific business and you should know the cult following of your products. It is vital to target the right audience that is interested in the service or product you are offering.


  • The other best part about paid search is the price. Buy such, targeted clicks and visits for as low as $0.10/click. The highest usually is $0.20/click. In the initial days, click used to be cheaper but still, it is not that pricy that you have to alter the whole budget.
  • Many people are still skeptical about the paid searches and its effect on Google analytics. What I say is keep calm and move forward. If your content is received well by users, then you get free traffic or else such small amount to get the desired traffic is something I would go for any day.

Low User engagement Compared to Others

  • Yes, I agree with that Stumbleupon is not very great when it comes to bounce rates and page views. The name Stumble itself explains how it works. The products are not able to generate huge attention thus resulting in low engagement. It is like surfing on TV. You go from one channel to another to find something interesting and even if you do, you are not going to stick to it for too long.

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  • The bounce rate of Stumbleupon is somewhere around 90% with mere 1.1 page views/visit. That is the prime reason that Stumbleupon is not the first choice of marketers. BUT, what is life without a bit of challenge huh! If you are creative enough and understand the business and its audience, you can use Stumbleupon at great advantage repeatedly.

Brand Exposure – FORCED

  • Whether it is nice or not that can be debated, but Stumbleupon actually FORCES the traffic to your page. That does not mean poor user engagement or irrelevant ads, but they do not create pages that will awestruck you at first glance.
  • The approach of stumble is not to engage the user, but encourage the product. The user experience metrics are not something nicely offered by Stumbleupon. But it makes sure that the users when leaves the page, he still remembers your service.


  • So, the design of the page for Stumbleupon should be wide, eye catching and it should pass the 5 SECOND test. It is not about engagement, but it is about creating a brand and generating necessary market exposure.
  • The direct traffic to the web pages after a Stumbleupon campaign is very high, as the user still remembers your page and delivers direct results.

Re-marketing, Re-marketing and Re-marketing

  • So, now you have generated a good brand exposure. Now, you want to regain the visits and thus enter RE-MARKETING.
  • The procedure is simple. Put a re-marketing tag on any Stumbleupon page that you want to re-market and it will do the rest. It will target the specific market and its audience and expose your business to more probable visitors.
  • For more comprehensive re-marketing, it offers a dedicated page to target specific audience and area, age and other details.

Set up Google Remarketing

    • Use Google analytics to create the re-marketing list and target the users by tweaking the analytics code to enable the marketing. Keep an eye on the audience flow and using Adwords, create the campaign and start re-marketing.
  • Re-marketing might cost a bit more, but the generated clicks are organic and the conversion rate would be very high. Smart tactic can also give the desired exposure to the brand.

To Conclude

  • If you have a product to sell and looking for the targeted audience and create the brand awareness, then the first STUMBLE can create the awareness and once the re-marketing campaign can do wonders. You can also offer white paper or loyalty coupon or free trial version for repeating users to create more loyalty.
  • Two simple steps to sum up are that, the first exposure is to let people know about your product and the re-marketing is to market the product.
  • Combine the paid discovery offered by Stumbleupon and Google is re-marketing campaign to boost your sales effectively and efficiently.

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