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Android OS is a Linux-based platform primarily used for mobile phones which was initially developed by Android Inc., and later on, purchased by Google and finally made its presence in 2007. Android gained immense popularity immediately after the release owing to features like versatility, scalability, flexibility, and above all being extremely intuitive and user-friendly. Although it is an open source platform, it operates with multi-layered security which ensures user’s information is not compromised while empowering the users to customize their smart-phones by providing visibility into permission panel wherein they can control any applications’ behavior.

Android applications are developed using Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Java programming language which can be used with or without C/C++ language and these applications function by tracking basic phone interactions like pinching, swiping and tapping. SDK coupled with numerous libraries and exhaustive set of development tools assists coders to build and test diverse applications.

How ZealousWeb can help you with Android

Custom Android App Development

Customize Android applications for its look, feel and functionality that is in-line with what businesses demand.

Android Specific UX/UI Design

Create visually enthralling design for Android Applications across all devices and resolutions.

Location based and Beacon enabled apps.

Beacons are permanently sending out their unique identifier to notify nearby smartphones of their existence, hence the name beacons. A compatible app running on the smartphone then knows that it is in a close proximity. Depending on the application, this can trigger an action on the smartphone.

Android Launchers App Development

Essentially a launcher is an application that represents the home screen of a device it lists and launches applications that are installed on the device. It is the application that shows up when you press the home button. Unless you’ve already installed a custom launcher, you are currently using the default launcher that comes with your Android installation.

Payment gateway Integration

Integrating payment gateways to Android applications that facilitates an easy payment through applications.

Geo-Mapping and Geo-Fencing Solutions

A geofence is a virtual fence or a perimeter around a physical location. Geofencing is a tool to connect the virtual experience with the offline world’s physical location. When an object enters this area, something happens.

Keyboard Apps

Creating custom keyboards in Android Applications with in-app purchases to have wider out-reach to audience on all social platforms.

Android App Porting/Redesign

Porting the legacy Android Applications and making them compatible with the latest version of the Android OS and efficiently re-designing the Android apps with the help of our expert teams.

App Support, Maintenance & Optimization

We ace in optimizing existing Android Application and lend support for the maintenance of Android applications.

Android App usability Testing

Testing Android applications across multitude of devices for its acceptability by the user after the deployment.

Customized tablet App development for various business verticals

Creating bespoke applications for the tablets supporting Android OS that matches the requirements of business solutions.

Responsive tablet App development for different screen sizes

Creating responsive design for Android Applications that work across all tablets of varying resolutions.

Hire Android Mobile/Tablet developers

Hire the skills of our talented team for all the large-scale projects of Android Applications

Assistance with the Google Play

We are best in the business to assist with all the solutions for Google Play Store.

Specialized UX/UI designs for Android Applications

Leverage our skills of designing team to develop Android Applications.

Why ZealousWeb for your Android Solution

As one of the finest mobile app development companies, we believe in providing customised solutions and personalized services to the clients. With each app we orchestrate, we challenge ourselves to deliver better and endeavour on most ingenious ways to meet the business standards of customers. We analyse customer’s requirements with expectations before designing and developing the app which aids us in delivering the most optimized android solution best suited for them.

ZealousWeb has got 7+ years of experience in developing assorted Android Applications to cater to requirements of clients belonging to disparate industries. Over 90 projects and the clients’ testimonials demonstrate our dedication to deliver quality work and to attain perfection has always been our priority. Our client-centric engagement models and adroit consultants who are proficient in working with Android versions starting from Android Jellybean to Android Oreo ensure that your business reaches unrivalled position.


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