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Top 5 Ways to Earn More Returns from your LinkedIn Account – Secret Revealed

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“Over time, LinkedIn has grown to be the most effective and most popular professional networking sites for businesses of all sizes. LinkedIn is a great tool to enhance your marketing outcomes, expand your business contacts and improve your business growth.”

Regardless of the industry you do business in, creating a successful LinkedIn profile can be of great help in establishing a powerful network of many useful contacts. Thriving on more than 200 million members dotted across more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is unarguably the largest professional networking site of the world today.

The platform serves too many purposes for the businesses. For example, it can be leveraged to find job, clients, employees, or to share and exchanges ideas. The role of this professional networking site is invaluable in providing the businesses with right connections.

Without adding further ado, let’s dive into the 5 can’t-fail tips to make the most from this professional networking site.

Is your LinkedIn Profile 100% Complete?

If no, complete your LinkedIn profile 100% first. Wondering why? Read on.

While you do add the professionals you already know or work with in your LinkedIn account, you mainly utilize it to connect with new professionals whom you don’t know or have never worked with in the past. To those new connections, your LinkedIn profile comes as a first impression of your business, rather I would say it acts as your extended business card.

If your new connections are thinking of working or hiring with you then they are bound to scan through your profile. And thus, it is essential add all information of you and your company to complete your profile on the site.

“Users with complete profiles get 40% more business opportunities through LinkedIn than those with uncompleted profiles”, says a report conducted by LinkedIn Team.

There are few important things to consider while completing your profile on LinkedIn portal such as, unlike Facebook, you need to post a professional looking photo, use keywords that are relevant to your business or work profile, mention your skills and experience in detail, and gather recommendations as well as endorsements from other people.

Continue expanding your ‘Contact’ directory

After all, this is why LinkedIn is introduced for.  The more contacts you have, the more is the scope of business opportunities. However, this doesn’t mean you can start adding anyone in your contacts. The quality of connection matters a lot. Add connections that can be proved relevant to your business or work profile. And most importantly, continue expanding your contact-book!

Leverage from the features

The professional networking portal facilitates its users with advanced search options. You can use these search options to explore work or business opportunities, and find specific industries and companies. It is recommended to join relevant groups and reveal your LinkedIn profile amongst targeted audience. It will also make your profile information available for search engine spiders to index.

According to a recent study conducted by Forbes, “around 24% of fresher employees use LinkedIn for finding job opportunities, and 23% use it for peer networking. 77% of businesses use LinkedIn to recruit new candidates, compared to 54% advertising on Twitter and Facebook”

Get ready to play an active role

Your job doesn’t ever end with LinkedIn. It is vital to stay active. For example, you can join the ongoing conversations and discussions, share news or events relevant to your business development, respond to comments or likes, and visit targeted profiles which may get you a new connection. Joining LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your profile is a great way of connecting with other professionals of your niche.

Strengthen relationships

Certainly, sending a personalized message instead of a default one is a good way to begin with your new connection. However, it’s a fact that maintaining the quality relationships with all contacts is more challenging than expanding your network. It becomes even more difficult if your contacts are in hundreds or thousands. Fortunately, LinkedIn has some great features that will keep you updated of changes in your connections and will notify you of new connections being made by them. Don’t leave any opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your connections.

To conclude, LinkedIn can prove to be a great Internet marketing and advertising arsenal for your business. It can also prove to be a great aid in building new contacts and expanding your business.  All you need to ensure is continue doing the good work and stay active, the time and attention you pour into it is worth doing!

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