Two Potential Constituents of Google Analytics That Will Boost Your Sales

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Demographic & interest Analysis are one of the key features on Google Analytics that is making waves all around the world owing to its tremendous potential for any business. This write-up explores the same and gives you a basic idea so that you can work on it to your advantage. Read ahead to get a better insight.

“Customer is the king” is a fairly common saying in the biz world and I am sure that you all are familiar with it. Thus, what can be better than knowing your customers, their habits, lifestyles, behavioral patterns, preferences, dislikes and various other details so as to channelize the information and convert them into revenues for your business? Google Analytics with its Demographic Analysis does the exact same thing that is to give you crucial stats relevant to your website’s traffic, its source and also provides insight into the conversion ratios as well as sales.

The very first step that you need to take in this direction is to enable the new reporting function by going to – Google Analytics Support. Herein, you will be able to view all your website data categorized into – Demographics and Interests. These are further segregated into the following components:


Overview: This shows a bird’s eye view of all your visitors’ age and genders depending on the key metrics that are selected by you for the website traffic. This break down will allow you to get a general assumption as to which segments of people are accessing your site more frequently.

Age: This delves into more details as in how the traffic on your website, divided by their age groups behaved on your website. This will include all the call to actions taken by the visitors, bounce rates among others. For instance, if you want to know which age group constitutes maximum conversion ratio on your website at a certain time, then you can get your answers through this section. Accordingly, you can modify your website and get best results.

Gender: Many a times, it is the gender of the traffic that might be of more importance to you. Hence, in this section you can view the traffic reports of your website based on male and female visitors and the call to actions taken by them. Again, this helps you modify your website in accordance with their preferences and get more traffic.



Overview: In this segment, you can view generalized reports based on affinity and other interest categories of the visitors. It merely gives you a rough estimate (a percentage of the total number of site visitors) so that you get the gist of it at a single glance.

Affinity categories: It can be said that affinity categories is nothing but detailed reports of your users’ lifestyles. It comprises of anything that the traffic sources or potential customers are interested in. For instance, you can have Coffee lovers, Travel buffs, Football fanatics, Social Media enthusiasts just to name a few that highlights their specific interests. Based on these statistics, you can alter the content of your site or any other component so as to increase more footfalls per day, thereby increasing your conversion ratios.

Affinity Category

In-Market Categories: This is specifically useful for first time businessmen as it shows the breakdown of users who are online looking for specific products and are most likely to convert. Because the traffic in this category is extremely specific, it is used mainly to target your audience for various PPC advertisements. If your business is for a specific niche, this bit of information will be immensely handy for you.

In-market Category

Other Categories: Get a more specific low down on your target audience’s interests in this segment. This information can be used to match the website’s content to their interest levels and make them return or refer the site to others, thereby increasing the number of your potential customers. Also, you can use this information for enhancing the user experience and betterment of your website.

Other category

Summing it up

This was just a fairly simple low down of Demographic Analysis, which is one of the best features of Google Analytics so far. Even if you are not familiar with the entire thing, then start by taking some baby steps by trying out different settings in Google Analytics and then work upon this feature to take your business to great heights. Do let us know your take on the same via your comments!

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