About ZealousWeb UK

We help businesses to build disruptive digital strategies and leverage digital technologies to improve all aspects of business from digital marketing to improving operational efficiency. Our industry-specific digital solutions cater to the niche markets and to drive an increased business value.


Transforming Digital Products

ZealousWeb UK takes into its stride to offer robust end-to-end products for an array of comprehensive services. We work with clients to gain deep understanding insights into the unique challenges of their industry and propose digital solutions that optimise the operational processes and help businesses to connect with the target audience. We constantly endeavour to offer customer-focused transformative digital products to scale up business growth. We build business-centric products with a proven track record of delivering comprehensive web, mobile, digital marketing products and maintenance services. Together with our clients, we work towards developing progressive digital products that help our clients to achieve their business goals.

Why ZealousWeb UK?

With more than a decade and half of the proven expertise of delivering intelligent digital products, ZealousWeb is a global leader with its international presence in delivering successful IT products. Complementing our global presence, we wanted to offer strong local capabilities in London and South Wales to build smart digital products. Our experienced team’s local presence enables us to work closely with our UK clients, ensuring smooth communication throughout projects and allowing us to work together to build disruptive digital solutions for businesses. ZealousWeb UK has established its presence as a sought after digital transformation agency in London and South Wales and is working tirelessly to help businesses to streamline their operations processes. Adding value and driving innovation in the realms of web, mobile, digital marketing and maintenance services, ZealousWeb UK helps to garner an incremental ROI for businesses across varied industries.

Leadership Team

Our leadership reflects the experience and expertise of the industry niche.

Kandarp BhattCEO, ZealousWeb Global
Vishal BhattCFO, ZealousWeb Global
Keyur DaveCOO, ZealousWeb Global
Neil WilliamsCEO, ZealousWeb UK
Andrew JonesCTO, ZealousWeb UK

How Do We Work?

Have ideas that you want to incubate from ideation to real-time disruptive digital products?

As a global IT products agency with a strong presence in the London and South Wales areas, ZealousWeb UK extends its technical expertise to developing end-to-end products for web, mobile and digital marketing products to offer a competitive advantage to niche industry markets.

  • Have us understand your business.
  • Our analytical team will address operational challenges.
  • We will help you to identify laser-focused project requirements.
  • Our onboard technical experts will suggest the best fit transformative IT products.
  • Design and develop bespoke ideas into real-time products.
  • Deliver usable functionality through regular agile sprints.
  • Offer custom digital marketing services to strengthen your online presence.
  • Custom create maintenance and support offerings plan to optimise and enhance digital products.
  • Augment your existing team with the technological expertise and experience of ZealousWeb UK team.
Have one of our industry leaders brainstorm your business idea and our technical experts build customer-centric business products.
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