Unleashing Zend framework 3 for Improved Performance

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Technology always keeps on producing new languages and frameworks that lead to betterment of web application development. These new technologies release their newer versions and keep themselves upgraded always. One such entrant with regards to a new version into the development arena that will be launched soon is Zend Framework3.

Zend is a comprehensive object-oriented (OO) framework that uses OO concepts such as interface and inheritance. This comprises almost all the components of Zend Framework that can be extended to some level. This allows the web developers to utilize their own variations comprising of individual factors without the need to hack the code base of Zend framework. This customization facility renders unique functionality to projects. Further, due to the object-oriented aspect, you can utilize this functionality for other projects too.

I have used the Zend framework for my projects and intend to share some interesting thoughts about this technology. Let me begin with 3 steps that can aid in enhancing the performance of Zend Framework.

Improving database skills

It is witnessed that people often overlook database skills. My experience suggests that database is often given an afterthought; mostly it is a nothing but data dump. Since the invention of PHP, applications based on this language are almost in sync with MySQL; however, developers fail to upgrade themselves on the data base front.

I fail to understand why some developers create applications and re-implement functionality that already exists in supporting databases. Further, I even do not understand that why applications are processed in PHP when they can be executed faster using SQL query or some other stored procedure.

I am even not sure whether these developers are not aware about the functionalit,y or were not motivated enough to know and learn it. Hence, I would suggest that you stop the re-implementation of existing functionality and also the unnecessary processing using PHP. Instead, spend your valuable time learning database and do a favor to your career. Further, even if your vendor is changed, do not shrug this off due to laziness and keep on upgrading your skills and database knowledge.

Learn the key elements of databases

There are certain aspects that can drastically reduce the code base for developers. Let me help you understand this better. Are you aware about the differentiation between materialized and normal view, Check Constraint and Enum, Sequence and auto increment, Join and Subselect? Do you know what is a Tablespace, Index, Self-join or Explain plan? Even if you are aware of some of these aspects, they can be helpful to reduce your investment, time and code base.

Bringing logic close to database layers

This explanation is based on the first two explained above. When you get the logic close to database layers, the process will work faster. Developers need to know that stored procedures and triggers are stored inside the database and often account for performance enhancement. This is due to the removal of network overheads. These network overheads are quite slow and eliminating them can fasten your work process significantly.

This brings me to something that will interest you; understanding Zend framework3 which will be released soon.

Google Moderator

One of the method I suggest to follow if you intend to understand Zend Framework3 before its release is to visit Google Moderator and keep reading the discussions on the topic. This will aid you in what to expect in terms of changes. This will help you to work against it as most from the community do not want changes.

Tagged issues of Zend Framework3 on Wiki and GitHub

GitHub is the best avenue for learning the technical aspects related to Zend Framework3. This place will also aid in getting yourself involved in the actual development of the new release. Further, an entry on Wiki also explains about the changes comprehensively.

Google Hangouts

You can find hangouts and live videos about the recent updates on the Zend Framework3 release here. Some sources may also allow you to have a live chat on the topic. These Google hangouts if followed can provide you with a rough idea about understanding Zend Framework3; even before it is released.

Conclusively, I would say that all the information provided here will be extremely beneficial for developers to get a grasp on Zend Framework and help them to utilize it effectively for their projects.

To Sump Up: Zend Framework3 is eagerly awaited as is the case with any technology upgrade. The enthusiasm amongst developers to know about the changes and positives is quite high. Understanding how to fasten up web development and keeping abreast with the latest changes is the key to improved application development

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