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Shortly after integrating a PayPal payment gateway with Contact Form 7,ZealousWeb Technologies has now come up with a Stripe payment gateway,which can also be successfully integrated with Contact Form 7.

Considering the fact that Contact Form 7 is a highly common and authentic WordPress Plugin, the new addon – “Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension” created by ZealousWeb Technologies, can prove to be extremely helpful for users when it comes to receiving payments.

There is no denying the fact that, users of WordPress websites confront a lot ofpayment related issues on a day-to-day basis, and in that case Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension can bring a great relief to them.

With the assistance of Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension, you can receive credit card payments directly from your customers, thus preventing them from landing up on a third party payment page.

Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension has the potential to receive payments safely from any Contact Form 7 form, which is hosted on any page or post for that matter. Once the contact form is submitted by the users, the payment checkout form is then displayed before them. The Stripe payment checkout form is used for quick and secure transactions. This simply indicates that Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension can really help your websites to generate the revenue quickly.

What you need to understand about this plugin is it doesn‟t rely on the action handler "on_set_ok", which resides on the "Additional Settings" tab of the CF7. Instead of that users can find a new tab "Stripe" wherein they can configure all the crucial fields needed to configure this plugin. For using this plugin, it is important for you to activate your Contact Form 7.

Pro Features

  • This unique plugin gives you the authority to receive payments in 25 different currencies.
  • It gives you the potential to create multiple payment forms using Contact Form 7.
  • In addition to that, it also supports multiple forms on a single post or page
  • When it comes to receiving values from input fields such as drop-down menu,textbox, hidden field, radio buttons, etc., Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension is really good at it.
  • The value for parameters like item description, amount and quantity is always accepted by it from the frontend.
  • When it comes to identifying whether the plugin is functioning properly or not, users can use Test API Mode.
  • The payment data associated to Contact Form 7 can be easily saved into the database
  • Stripe payment response details stored at admin side.
  • Its quite easy to export Contact Form 7 payment data to CSV.
  • All filters and search facility available at admin side
  • With its assistance admin can easily edit or delete Contact Form 7 payment data
  • It comes with Shortcode [stripeSuccessFail] to display the transaction ID after the transaction is made.
  • Once a Stripe payment is made successfully by the customers, the plugin sends individual emails to both the customer and the admin.
  • You can personalize email content for this plugin, Email(1) of Contact Form 7 is send to admin after successful transaction or unsuccessful transaction and Email(2) is send to payee after successful.
  • [stripe] tag added to email content gets replaced by stripe payment response in email.
  • It allows you to set payment success return url and custom message.

Installation Steps

To install this Plugin manually:

  • Download Zip File

    Download your Plugin zip to your desktop.

  • Extract

    If downloaded as a zip archive, extract the Plugin folder to your desktop.

  • Upload

    With your FTP program, upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online.

  • Go to Plugins

    Go to Plugins screen and find the newly uploaded Plugin in the list.

  • Active Plugin

    Click Activate Plugin to activate it.

How To Use

In order to use this plugin, you have to configure it from wp-admin > Contact > Add/Edit Contact Forms (Contact Form 7 needs to be activated before).

You will find a new tab “Stripe” along with Form, Mail, Messages,Additional Settings from where you can make all settings related to Stripe Extension.

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In order to add Stripe payment form to your Contact Form 7, you will find below given setting attributes,

  • Use Stripe Payment Form

    This option will allow you to attach Stripe payment form with particular Contact Form 7. If this option is selected, Stripe payment form will be displayed otherwise, Contact Form 7 will work as it is.

  • Enable Test API Mode

    This option will allow you to set Stripe payment process in test mode.

  • Amount Field Name (required)

    Enter name of field from where amount value needs to be retrieved.

  • Description Field Name (Optional)

    Enter name of field from where description value needs to be retrieved

  • Quantity Field Name (Optional)

    Enter name of field from where Quantity of item value needs to be retrieved.

  • Select Currency

    You can select any currency for making payment through Stripe Extension.

  • Test API/Secret Key (Optional)

    Enter Stripe API Key / Secret Key for accepting Card Details and make payment in test mode.

  • Test Publishable Key (Optional)

    Enter Stripe Publishable key for accepting Card Details and make payment in test mode.

  • Live API/Secret Key (Optional)

    Enter Stripe API Key / Secret Key for accepting Card Details and make payment in live mode.

  • Live Publishable Key (Optional)

    Enter Stripe Publishable key for accepting Card Details and make payment in live mode.

  • Form Buttom Label (Optional)

    Enter Label for Stripe Payment Form Submit button.

  • Success Return URL (Optional)

    Enter any url to return after making successful Stripe payment.

  • Success Message (Optional)

    Enter any text message to display after form submission and completing successful payment.

                    <p><label>Name</label>[text* name]</p>
                    <p><label>Email</label>[email* email]</p>
                    <p><label>Stripe Product </label>[text item id:itemfield]</p>
                    <p>[hidden price id:pricefield "20"]</p>
                    <p><label>Quantity</label>[radio quantity id:qtyfield "1" "2" "3"]</p>
                    <p>[submit "Make Payment"]</p>

Hidden field?

The Contact Form 7 plugin has over 1 million active installations, yet the great plugin still lacks a simple feature: hidden fields. This plugin adds hidden fields to Contact Form 7 once and for all.

Learn more

Plugin Demo?

Earlier, WordPress website users were witnessing many difficulties in integrating Stripe option with their site’s Contact Form 7 (CF7), which is one of the most used and reliable WordPress Plugin with widespread presence over the web. check out plugin demo with below button.


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