ZealousWeb Technologies follows a very stringent product purchasing policy, wherein no money is refunded to the customers once a product is finally purchased and it is delivered by them. Being a customer before buying any item from our website you are accountable for understanding the company’s product purchasing policies at the first place.

However, we do understand the issues faced by our customers in exceptional cases and provide them with necessary assistance if the condition falls within our policy framework.

We entertain the refund requests only under following circumstances-

Delivery Failures
There are chances that you may confront mailing issues because of various reasons due to which you might fail to receive e-mails associated with delivery from our side. If something like that happens, you are recommended to get in touch with for necessary assistance. In addition to that, you must not forget to submit non-delivery claims within a week’s time to our Billing department. Remember the week’s time given to you for submitting non-delivery claims starts from the date you purchase a product from our website. Otherwise, it is believed that the product is effectively obtained and downloaded by the customers.

Issues concerning product download and unzipping
If in case customers face any issues while downloading a product from our website and unzipping it, it’s their responsibility to submit the claims about such problems to our concerned department which is Technical Support Department. If claims regarding download issues are not made by a customer within required time he is bound to understand that company assumes it as a successful download of the product and will not entertain any refund claims made by the customer later on. That means Downloading issues must be claimed by the customer within the right time in order to receive our support in terms of downloading and unzipping the product.

Defects in the Products
Though there is no denying the fact that every single product is tried and tested by our developers before it’s revealed on the website. However, we do believe that customers may still face exceptional technical issues with the product purchased from our website. In that case, customers are recommended to submit such problems to our Technical Team for assistance. We help our customers by resolving the defect in the product.

However, if in case our technical team fails to fix the errors with the product, then the customer will be allowed to get the refund after he or she sends a complaint letter against it.

On the other hand, when it comes to fixing the issues with our products, customers are required to provide our technical team with the temporary access to their admin panel or servers. However, if customers fail to provide us the access to their admin panel, we may not be able to deal with the issue at the right time.

If product description doesn’t match with the Product
If in case a customer finds that the product description available on our website doesn’t describe the product effectively or he/she should quickly report this issue to the company. In other words, if a customer finds a huge difference between what is explained under product description and the actual features of the product, then the customer should report the issue to Technical Supports department within a week’s time. The issue must be reported with valid evidence in order to explain that the product is way too different from what it is described on our website.

If the customer is unable to understand the product description provided on the website, then the company is not accountable for his or her false assumptions about the products and will not be able to entertain the refund claim made by the customer. The demo of the plugin is always available on our website when it comes to examining the product.

Customers must use our plugins only with recommended software compatible with them. That means if customers file any complaint against the incompatibility of the plugins designed by our developers with any third-party software, add-ons and extensions etc., unspecified by us for the use, the company doesn’t remain accountable for entertaining such issues.

We never claim that our products (plugins, add-ons, and extensions) are totally compatible with third-party software and hence we do entertain the ‘support requests’ based on such issues. However, when customers face any issues regarding our products, the team here makes best efforts in order to fix the issues as soon as possible.