Track Geolocation Of Users Using Contact Form 7

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Track Geolocation Of Users Using Contact Form 7 allows you to collect and store your website visitors Geolocation data along with their Contact Form 7 Form submission.

Features of Track Geolocation Of Users Using Contact Form 7.

  • Geolocation Details which include Latitude-Longitude, Country, State & City are saved in the admin panel with the data of form Submitted.
  • A Google Map in the admin panel to show the Geolocation of the user who submitted the form.
  • Option of adding state/country/city/lat-long/Google map static image in email.
  • We have used 2 Types of API here one is with access token key named ipstack and another is without access token which is free named ipapi & keycdn. So, if you do not enter access token key in plugin settings then it will fetch data with the help of free api keys.
  • A user interface where a graph will be shown form-wise on google map. so, it will be easy to identify from where the user comes more.
    Color option for graph.
  • You can view submitted data details along with Geolocation data at Admin side.
  • Option to export the Contact Form 7 submitted form data along with Geolocation details to CSV.
  • All filters and search facilities are available at the admin side.

How To Use

  1. Enable Debug Mode.
    Check the Enable Debug Mode option to start Geolocation API debugging.
  2. Select Color For Graph
    Select the color you want to add in the Submission Graph.
  3. Google Map API Key
    Add Google Map API Key which will be used for Submission Graph and also in Google Map static image. Make sure “Maps Static API” is Enabled.
  4. Access Token For IPstack
    Add Access Token For IPstack to get Geolocation data through ipstack API.

Use Below Shortcode in email to get specific data.

To get latitude/longitude, country, state, city info [geolocation]
To get latitude/longitude, country, state, city & Google map static image info [geolocation lat-long country state city gmap]
To get just latitude/longitude info [geolocation lat-long]
To get just country info [geolocation country]
To get just state info [geolocation state]
To get just city info [geolocation city]
To get just Google map static image info [geolocation gmap]


*Note* To add Google map static image in email you have to enable this 2 options
1) You have to enable “Use HTML content-type” in the Mail setting of Contact form 7.
2) You have to enable “Maps Static API” in Google Map API.


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