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“Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” is an intelligent as well as a very useful WooCommerce plugin that keeps track of customers’ shopping trends and based on those statistics it improves cross-selling mechanism. This plugin will suggest your site visitors with products which were mostly explored by other customers. These suggestions display on product pages that are based on the current product.

For an example :

Suppose you have product A and out of 60 visitors who viewed this product, 20 visitors moved to another product B, 10 to product C, and remaining 30 visitors moved to product D. This plugin will then display Product C and B in “Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed”.

The important point is that it only shows those products which were mostly viewed and the most viewed comes in the first place. This ensures efficient performance and criteria of suggested products on your site because most of the customers consider only top visited or reviewed products.


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