Being a paramount Web Design and Development company, ZealousWeb has always managed to provide superior services and excellent products to its clients. Having an exceptionally good team of developers, the company has successfully developed some of the matchless WordPress plugins for Contact Form 7.

This post is all about introducing you to some of the most interesting Contact Form 7 plugins developed by ZealousWeb till date. Hence, if you are really looking forward to streamlining your WordPress website and multiplying its efficiency, you must go through the descriptions of the plugins provided below.

Here are the Contact Form 7 plugins developed by ZealousWeb:

Contact Form 7 – Paypal Extension

With the assistance of ‘Contact Form 7 – Paypal Extension’ which is a free plugin Paypal field can be effectively integrated into Contact Form 7. So, when it comes to making payments, customers can make use of Paypal submit button which is added by this plugin to your website. With the support of Paypal submit button customers are redirected to Paypal site for carrying out the required transaction.

You can add Paypal functionality to the Contact Form 7 to your website simply by adding some parameters. Once payment is made by the customers through Paypal, its feature allows them to come back to your website. The best part of using this plugin is that it supports all the currencies required by Paypal for credit card and debit card payments.

In addition to providing ‘Contact Form 7 – Paypal Extension’ to the customers the company also provides a paid version of the plugin called ‘Contact Form 7 – Paypal Extension Pro’ which is priced at $9.00 and comes with some additional features.

Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension

Right after the successful development of ‘Contact Form 7 – Paypal Extension’ the company came up with a new plugin for Contact Form 7 which is called Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension. That means after developing a plugin which helps in adding PayPal functionality to Contact Form 7, ZealousWeb then developed a plugin which adds Stripe functionality to the same. That mean you can now integrate Stripe payment gateway into your Contact Form 7 by installing Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension.

It’s a great plugin which is helpful for both website owners and customers as it helps in simplifying the payment process once a product is purchased by the customers. There is little doubt that customers confront huge problems when it comes to making payment after purchasing a product from a WordPress website, but with the assistance of this plugin, they will not face any issues while doing payment transactions. By using this plugin, site owners can receive payments from 25 currencies and they can generate multiple payment forms with the support of Contact Form 7. Apart from that Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension is also very important as it allows a single post or page to support multiple payment forms. This unique and powerful Contact Form 7 plugin can be purchased for $9.00.

Contact Form 7 – Elavon Converge

Another important plugin that is developed by ZealousWeb for Contact Form 7 is ‘Contact Form 7 – Elavon Converge’ which can again be purchased by users only for $9.00. It helps in adding Elavon payment gateway to Contact Form 7 for allowing customers to easily make the payments and for enhancing their shopping experience. If you really don’t want your customers to visit a third part payment page, it’s better you use this plugin with your WordPress website. It offers great help when it comes to getting values from input fields like text box, drop-down menu, radio buttons, and hidden field etc.

Contact Form 7 – Authorize.Net Extension

After the successful development of ‘Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension’ and ‘Contact Form 7 – Elavon Converge’ the company then came up with a plugin called Contact Form 7 – Authorize.Net Extension. This particular plugin helps in integrating an Authorize.Net payment gateway with Contact Form 7 so that site owners can easily receive payments from their customers.

If you are tired of listening to the complaints made by your customers about the inconvenience faced by them while making the payment it’s better you install Contact Form 7 – Authorize.Net Extension, which holds the potential of solving such issues.

All the above-mentioned plugins offer nearly similar features and functionalities, accept the fact that they support different payment gateways.

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