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Businesses Are Going Mobile – It’s High Time To Build An App

Post by|Mobile Apps26 February,2014
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Nowadays, being on social media or just having an awesome website is not that enough; companies must think about multi-channel strategy. They have to accept the fact that, SmartPhones are the future and are one of the hottest arenas for business as well – especially for B2B companies. These companies must have:

1) Mobile-friendly websites for great user-experience
2) Relevant and useful mobile application, to plant their company’s flag

As we previously posted a blog related to ideas and marketing, again the same thing is applied here. You have to create innovative ideas for mobile apps to grow your marketing and business. Well, you all must be knowing that – Market for B2B apps is expanding like anything; and it has also become a very important tool that every company must be thinking of having their own.

Following are some of the ideas for B2B apps, which might work for your company as well:

Event App- You can create an event-specific app. Also you can let people poke messages to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn right from the app.

Return-on-Investment Calculator- It calculates the ROI of projects.

Alert App- It gives up-to-the-minute information.

Supply Ordering App- Clients can order new stock by scanning bar codes of products they need.

Content Segmenting App- It lets your readers select the topics they desired to learn about (In case, if you’re publishing high volumes of content) and receive updates when you publish something new.

Calculator App- It is helpful in day-to-day job, as it provides quick calculations based on frequently used formulas.

These are just a few ideas, and depending on your industry and prospect needs; there are endless possibilities. The big question for most businesses is – website or mobile app or both? Well, the answer is “both”. Because both websites as well as mobile apps have their own particular benefits and their target market. And to remain in competition, you should invest in both. As we all know about the website’s benefits, so let us focus on benefits of mobile app for B2Bs:

  • With mobile apps, you will be able to reach out to other businesses interactively as well as in an interesting manner.
  • They are very efficient and not at all time-consuming, thus ‘apps’ stand a good chance to win the clients’ love.
  • Apps are likely to increase your reach and help you access new markets.
  • You can create apps with endless creativity like – you can add online ordering, call to actions, clickable phone numbers, instant access maps, etc.
  • They are just the perfect way to create a whole story for your brand.
  • With the help of mobile apps – you will be able to engage the entire ecosystem of services such as displaying promotional offers, delivering content, creating advertising campaigns and much more.
  • Mobile apps also help to bring traffic to your website.

Thus, there are many benefits which B2B offers. So why not go for it? Start engaging customers in the mobile arena, it will open the doors to more opportunities sooner rather than later. Hence, you can boost your company’s brand by developing an app related to your business.

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