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Team Augmentation and Why It Became Famous Post-Pandemic

Briefly explain the concept of team augmentation as an effective strategy for businesses to add skilled professionals to their existing teams on a flexible basis. Highlight how the pandemic has accelerated remote work trends, making team augmentation a popular choice for companies seeking to stay agile and competitive.

Benefits of Team Augmentation



Saves on recruitment, training, and onboarding costs compared to full-time hires.

Faster Project Completion

Quickly adds necessary expertise to your team and accelerates development.

Access to Global Talent Pool

Tap into a wider range of skilled professionals than your local market offers.


Scale your team up or down as project needs evolve.

Reduced Risk

Avoid the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees if certain skills are only needed temporarily.
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Discover the breadth of expertise at your fingertips. We provide access to a vast pool of talent across various tech domains, ensuring the perfect fit for your team augmentation needs.

Traditional Hiring vs. Team Augmentation

Skill Access
Traditional Hiring
Weeks to months
(recruitment, benefits, training)
Geographically limited
Team Augmentation
Immediate to a few days
More efficient
(pay for service only)
(adapt as project evolves)
Global talent pool

Client Success Stories

Discover how our Team Augmentation services have transformed projects and empowered businesses across industries. Read our success stories and client testimonials here.

FPC Global

Revolutionizing Proptech: FPC Global’s Innovative Webflow Site By ZealousWeb

Web DevelopmentWebsite Design

FPC Global, a leader in the proptech industry, required an online platform that resonated with their standing as experts in facility life-cycle integrated consulting services. They sought a digital solution that would effectively represent their brand and specialized services to their global clientele. Being a notable name in the field, they required a website that not only showcased their expertise but also incorporated cutting-edge design and development standards.

magazine jukebox

Revitalizing Magazine Jukebox’s Online Presence With ZealousWeb Technologies

Local SEOWebsite Redesign

Magazine Jukebox is the pro-active, the 1st company to come with such a great innovation. They want a perfect website so that they get happy and loyal clients. Their previously developed website was improper and having issues because of that they were failing in some terms. It is the first digital magazine service that requires no app.

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