Empowering Healthier Lifestyles: A Digital Transformation Journey With nObesity

Name of the client : Dr. Manish Khaitan

nObesity, under Dr. Manish Khaitan’s guidance, aimed to boost its online presence and firmly establish itself as a leading authority in weight loss surgery services. Despite their unparalleled expertise, they faced challenges in visibility, misinformation about weight loss surgeries, and the necessity for measurable results amidst a highly competitive digital space.

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Visibility And Awareness

Increasing online visibility and promoting specialized weight loss surgery services.


Tackling rampant online myths regarding weight loss surgeries, positioning nObesity as a leading information source.


Transitioning online inquiries to real consultations or surgeries.

Competitive Market

Distinguishing themselves in a saturated online healthcare market.

Measurable Results

Crafting strategies that offer clear, quantifiable outcomes and ROI.


Visibility And Awareness
  • Comprehensive SEO strategies to bolster rankings and organic traffic.
  • Targeted content marketing, amplifying awareness about nObesity’s offerings.
  • Developed authoritative content to debunk weight loss surgery myths, spotlighting nObesity’s expertise.
  • Enhanced website UX for easy information access and next steps.
  • Targeted PPC campaigns for potential patients seeking weight loss solutions.
Competitive Market
  • Competitor analysis to unearth market gaps and opportunities.
  • Carved a distinctive brand message, setting nObesity apart.
Measurable Results
  • Utilized tracking tools to oversee digital marketing campaign results.
  • Periodic audits and refinements to maintain strategy efficiency.


Increased Website Traffic

40% growth in organic site traffic over six months.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Half of the targeted keywords now feature in the top 10 search results.

Higher Conversion Rates

30% uptick in online consultations and appointments in just three months.

Enhanced Online Reputation

A fifth of online reviews about nObesity are now positive testimonials.

Increased Engagement

Social media activity rose by half, with a 35% rise in overall followers.

Measurable ROI

Digital marketing endeavors experienced a 25% ROI boost.

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We have been extremely pleased with the digital marketing services provided by ZealousWeb. Their team took the time to understand our unique challenges and developed a comprehensive strategy that addressed all of our needs. The results have been impressive, with a significant increase in website traffic, online bookings, and social media engagement. Their expertise and dedication have been invaluable in helping us to increase our online presence and connect with more potential patients. We highly recommend ZealousWeb to any healthcare provider looking to improve their digital marketing efforts.

Dr. Manish Khaitan, nObesity
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