Tint By Masters is a Florida-based Window Films company. They offer a wide range of window films, from Security films to Solar Window films. Established in 1985, their extensive experience in the window tinting industry has garnered a rating of 4.9 stars on various platforms. Tint By Masters’ products and services are unparalleled quality that paved the way for advancements in residential and commercial window tinting.


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Tint By Masters is an established window tint provider in Orlando, Florida. Being in the business for almost three decades, Tint By Masters needed to freshen up their brand. They needed help bridging the gap between their expanded target audience and refreshing brand makeover with new marketing strategies.

It is crucial to tweak your marketing strategy every once in a while to dominate the competition by staying relevant in the eyes of every generation with relatable marketing platforms. 



We live in a generation of Netizens, making the Internet the most crucial platform for effective marketing and advertising. Google Search is the first action people take when looking for information, which means we can achieve our marketing goals with the right strategies. Cashin, on the tendency of our new-age audience to trust Google more than anything in the world, Our team at ZealousWeb decided to harness the power of Google Ads to bolster the marketing for Tint By Masters.


We monitored the activities we did in June to analyze the results, which led to us meeting our goals, and we are very proud of achieving what we got.

We combined Google Ads strategy with Organic SEO, which helped us reduce bounce rates. Within the first month, we started receiving a significant rise in the number of clicks elevating the CTR to 8.1% of the total impression. The enhanced engagement was indicative of a notable success KPI and reassured us that we were on the right track.

Having acquired such a remarkable elevation in the CTR, we moved on to our following KPI, which was to track our conversion rate. We decided to check on the quality of the leads we had been receiving to ensure the effectiveness of our strategy. We raked a 25.3% conversion rate, encouraging us to move on to the next phase with zeal.

As we had all our tracking parameters in place while the campaign was live, it was easy for us to keep a close eye on the quality. The quality of the leads was excellent, which proved that our campaign had been a raging success.

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