LinkedIn is now no more a platform where job seekers connect with prospects and vice-versa. In September 2020, the social media giant LinkedIn gave its platform a new, fresh update. Its introduced features are fresh design, streamlined search results, streamlined search results, new messaging features, and rolled out the most fantastic feature called LinkedIn Stories. LinkedIn Stories have managed to grab many eyeballs but leave the footprints of a dilemma on how to use it. Keep reading to transform your queries into conclusions.

What All Is The Buzz About LinkedIn Stories?

After trying it out in selected nations over the past five months, this feature is finally up, and users are all set to explore it further. Yes, you heard it right! LinkedIn Stories, which has been in testing since February, is now launching in the US and Canada with a global rollout to come in the following weeks. So the immediate question that pops up in digital marketers’ minds is how to use it, similar to Facebook and Instagram stories? No, LinkedIn is not just an ordinary social media platform meant for digital marketers. Neither is it a replica of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, LinkedIn is the most versatile platform that can be proved as a hen with golden eggs if used rightly in digital marketing and B2B growth hacking.

How To Post A LinkedIn Story?

LinkedIn’s version of Stories is a lot more similar to what you’d find on Instagram or Snapchat. Further, if you need an additional reminder of this unique feature, LinkedIn is all able to set the stories of all your connections at the top of your main feed.

Like other social media platforms, it is sweetly simple to post a story on your LinkedIn. Users need to touch the circle with their photo on the LinkedIn app click on the plus sign on the top left corner to open the camera. Either click a photo or record a video directly from the app or upload it from the gallery. But yes, the limit of the video is up to 20 seconds only. Besides, one can also add text, GIFs, or stickers to beautify the LinkedIn Story.

An individual profile or LinkedIn Page Admin can create and post a Story using images and videos.

Nonetheless, tagging is also possible, similar to Instagram. This is how you can upload a story to your profile for all your professional connections to see for 24 hours. If you wish to restrict views to particular network connections, you can change up your privacy settings to control who can view your Story.

How to post a LinkedIn Story?


Get set ready and navigate to your LinkedIn homepage on the mobile app.


At the top left corner, from the Stories section, tap the Add icon attached to the Profile photo icon above your story. Tap the profile photo associated with your individual profile or Page.


Either capture or select the content to add to your Story. From the bottom of the screen, tap the circle to take a photo. Note: You can also tap the Camera flip icon or Flash icon before taking the photo. Also, you can tap and hold the circle to record a video. Note: The maximum length of a video is 20 seconds. Alternatively, you can tap the Image icon to select content from your mobile device’s gallery.


Once you’ve captured or selected your content, feel free to either delete if not satisfied or edit if you want to enhance the outcome. You can either tap the Cancel icon to delete the content or tap the Stickers icon to add a sticker.

Note: Here you can use the @mention feature to tag connections in your story or use the Question of the Day sticker to answer that day’s question.

You can also tap the Volume icon to mute the audio on a video or recording and tap the Text icon to add text to the content. Note: Once you start typing, you will get options to choose different color and text alignment.


Review your creative work. If you’ve added stickers or text to the content, you have all liberty to drag an item to adjust the placement, tap and hold an item to resize or rotate it, or even tap and drag an item into the Trash icon.


Finally, time to post your Story! Simply, tap the Share story button. Once you’ve created your Story’s first post, you can add another post by viewing the first post and then tapping the +New Story button to add another post to your Story.

Note: If you’re a Page Admin and your Stories section only includes your individual profile but not your Page profile, then it indicates that LinkedIn Stories isn’t available for your Page yet.

In India, LinkedIn Stories are launched with six localized stickers. In India With Localised Stickers. These stickers can be used alongside the Stories.

What To Post On LinkedIn Stories?

The content being posted on LinkedIn is significantly increasing. It serves the benefits of search engines.

According to the Search Engine Journal, now at 706 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has seen a 50% increase in the content shared year-over-year.

Now, with the introduction of this simple, modern, and intuitively structured feature for more straightforward navigation and discovery, it is again going to increase. But the foremost dilemma is what to post on LinkedIn stories since the platform is not casual like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. How unique does it have to? Well, rather than merely capturing a quick moment from the office surroundings, LinkedIn wants its stories to gain attention and spark conversations. Here, we present the ideas you can implement when harnessing the power of this newly rolled out feature.

What to post on LinkedIn Stories?

#Share Thought Leadership Content

If done right, thought leadership content is the best and exclusive brand-differentiating content marketing asset any business can generate. And, what else could be the best options than stories?

As per Adam Grant, creating knowledge without sharing it is elitism. Sharing knowledge without creating it is marketing. Creating knowledge for the purpose of sharing it is thought leadership.

The simplest way to promote your thought leadership platform is to publish new content on social media. With this new feature, if your connection base is right, you can share thought leadership content to serve the community and garner the best possible engagement on your content, which in turn results in lead generation. However, please do not make it sound like bot-generated activity by sharing the links of your blog pages and podcasts. Rather, precise and concise, but compelling content should be your very first priority.

#Stay Connected With Coworkers

Since Covid-19 pandemic, many people are working from home and meet their colleagues online only. Stories can help coworkers feel connected at a time otherwise they may feel disconnected from colleagues.

Of course, the core intention here is to keep the matter professional. Stories can feature a rotating “question of the day” that’s supposed to help keep your teammates and colleagues on track. Members can also add local stickers to Stories. A few suggestions of things LinkedIn users could post stories about include: what you do at work, how you do at work and what you do outside of work. In these conversations, users can stay connected with co-workers and happily recharge their motivation and beat work from home blues.

#Announce Job Openings

Of course, LinkedIn was once most used for job prospects.and, it is still the most trusted place to find the right person, be it talent or client. If any business wants to find the right applicants for their openings, they must try out posting on LinkedIn stories. Reach qualified and worthy candidates where they’re already spending their time on LinkedIn. Use hashtags and tag relevant people to fetch more impressions and clicks.

#Share Client Testimonials

We must boast of the proud achievements of our clients. Nowadays, most of the key decision-makers in any business are millennials and Gen Z. They often prefer products and services that are proven, tested, and praised to make their professional lives more comfortable. So sharing positive client testimonials will help you reach the target audience easily. Filming your happy and satisfied customers on LinkedIn Stories could be ideal for capturing their attention and generating leads.

#Propagate New Launches

There was a time when brands were unsure of how Instagram and Facebook Stories fit into their visual marketing. Similarly, this time around, there is mild confusion among businesses on fitting LinkedIn Stories into their content marketing efforts. However, regardless of the social media platform, stories can prompt users to post more marketing content on social networks and enjoy the increased engagement.

One of the best content to put in stories could be the announcement of your new product or service launch. This way, one can build brand awareness. The key here does not sound like a salesperson; instead, create high-quality, interactive content that inspires story viewers to like or comment.

#Host Question And Answer Sessions

If you want to make your stories engaging and interactive, go for this option. When you post the questions sticker to your LinkedIn story, members can tap the sticker in your Story and type a question to ask you. You can then answer the questions you receive in your LinkedIn story during a live Q&A with your followers. It is pretty similar to the feature of Instagram Stories.

What To Expect NOW?

Stories allow LinkedIn members to share professional moments in a more humanized and lightweight way. Anyone who uses Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat is familiar with stories – but LinkedIn’s version offers something different. Besides Stories, the redesign comes with some other updates (video chats, edit or delete messages) which are not covered in this post. However, LinkedIn Stories will surely be a potential channel to demonstrate your brand’s or creativity and authenticity in a way that will create and nurture your professional relationships. People of all genres can use LinkedIn Stories to become more successful and more productive at all stages of their careers.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn Stories? How will you use this feature in your strategic social media marketing? Drop in your thoughts in the comments section, we would love to hear from you and if needed, guide you further on this!