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Newsletter November 2021

Optimise Your Site for SEO & Conversions!

ZealousWeb’s Smart Import Export Now Supports More Third-Party SEO Add-Ons!

If you are an ExpressionEngine user, there is good news for you. Yes, you heard that right! ZealousWeb’s Smart Import Export add-on now supports more third-party SEO add-ons to ensure you can optimise your website for search engines, and eventually conversions. The third-party search engine optimisation add-ons that it supports include Smart SEO, SEEO and SEO Lite. Besides, it also underpins Field-types like Low variables, Low events, Structure, Transcribe, Polls, Maps, and Wygwam.  Compatible with EE4, EE5, and EE6,  Smart Import Export is designed for importing and exporting channel data.

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Gain Credibility & Grow Sales With Content Marketing!

Let Content Marketing Establish Your Business Credibility!
Creating user-centric content that answers their queries or offers them the information they are looking for helps you build a strong relationship with them. To rephrase it, creating, sharing and promoting content relevant to your audience increases their dependency on you, taking your relationship with them to new heights. Content marketing is, by far, the best tool to build trust, establish brand identity, take advantage of organic search, attract ideal customers and generate more leads. So if you are looking forward to creating awareness and gathering more hot leads, you must invest in content marketing.

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Your Progress Depends on the Experiences You Deliver!

ZealousWeb Considers Business Agility As the Norm!
At ZealousWeb, we give importance to everything that leads to progress, and our current fascination is with digital transformation. We believe embracing it is the best way to future-proof the business. Considering that it helps shift operating models into a new reality that promises sustainable growth, we are leaving no stone unturned to integrate digital technologies into all the functional areas of our business. We consider business agility as the norm and focus on bettering human experiences by relying on progressive technologies. We profoundly believe that the more seriously you take the inputs, the better will be the output.

Apple to Unveil 'iMac Pro' in 2022!
Apple to Unveil ‘iMac Pro’ in 2022!
According to media reports, Apple Inc., the Cupertino based tech behemoth is all set to launch its next-generation iMac Pro in 2022. Expected to be called the iMacaCE Pro, the device will come with the same chips that are incorporated in M1 Pro and M1 Max. The future iMac Pro is expected to feature mini-LED technology and ProMotion. For more info, click here.
Microsoft Becomes World’s Largest Listed Company!
Microsoft Becomes World’s Largest Listed Company!
The recent media reports highlight that tech-giant Microsoft has become the largest listed company globally, leaving behind Apple Inc. in the race. The decline in Apple Inc.’s shares on Friday drove Microsoft ahead. Microsoft grew as much as 1.1% to reach a market value of $2.46 trillion. For more information, click here.

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