Ahmedabad, India – (August 24, 2021) – ZealousWeb Technologies is delighted to announce the launch of Smart Google Analytics, an advanced ExpressionEngine add-on that showcases extensive user data. Compatible with EE5, and EE6, it prevents the requirement for logging into Google Analytics to obtain the data linked to your site visitors. By integrating this add-on, you can discover the countries your visitors are from, how many of them scanned a given page and for what duration they stayed on it. In addition, Smart Google Analytics also enables you to get detailed information on which keyword is doing well.

Smart Google Analytics

“We felt that this concept is pretty interesting, and hence our EE team was thinking about working in this direction for quite some time. We are glad that we have eventually transformed that dream into reality,” said Keyur Dave, Global COO ZealousWeb Technologies.

“Our latest EE add-on will help users get comprehensive information about their website visitors, enabling them to make better strategies to convert them into loyal customers,” he added.

This user-friendly add-on uses attractive charts to showcase the information. And the more data you have about your users, the better it is for you. Therefore, if you want to install an EE add-on that offers in-depth information on your website visitors, look no further than Smart Google Analytics.

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