Ahmedabad, India – (April 27, 2021) – In a recent development, ZealousWeb Technologies, a trusted Digital Agency, launched the ‘Order on WhatsApp’ plugin to augment the functionalities of Craft eCommerce websites. Compatible with Craft Commerce, it’s the first-ever plugin rolled out by the company for Craft CMS. 

Craft CMS Plugin

Regarded as a top-rated messaging app globally, WhatsApp plays an indispensable role in enhancing user engagement. The company’s technology visionaries realized that eCommerce store owners could capitalize on this opportunity to skyrocket their sales. Hence, they decided to serve online merchants that rely on Craft CMS with the Order on WhatsApp plugin. 

“The ever-evolving digital landscape is not only allowing businesses to tap into new opportunities but is also presenting challenges to those who are unable to keep up with the pace. And as a responsible Digital Agency, our soul purpose is to help tackle the digital age problems by rolling out advanced products and offering smart solutions,” said the CEO & Founder of ZealousWeb, Kandarp Bhatt. 

Designed for elevating customers’ online shopping experience, ‘Order on WhatsApp’ makes it possible for them to place an order by WhatsApp. It also allows them to share a product with their friends, family, and relatives over WhatsApp.

For the next level functionality of their eCommerce site, the plugin allows online store owners to add an “Order on WhatsApp” button on their product listing page, detail page, cart page, and checkout page. They have to add a “Share on WhatsApp” button on their product listing page and detail page for allowing their users to share a product on WhatsApp.

Enabling online shoppers to converse directly with eCommerce store owners allows them to clear up their doubts before placing an order. This whole exercise plays a significant role in building customer trust, which eventually creates lasting relationships. 

ZealousWeb stands for bridging the gaps between businesses and their customers so that both parties can reach a win-win situation. 

About ZealousWeb

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