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    Why choose Digital Marketing for Healthcare?

    Did you know that the Digital health market is expected to grow 500% in the next six years? It is rightly said that success in fishing can be achieved where the fish are. In today’s digital age, prospective patients live in the digital world. The healthcare patient journey often begins online.

    Healthcare Marketing Statistics

    As per LSA report, % of healthcare consumer that search before scheduling an appointment.

    Physical Therapist
    Physicians & Surgery
    Nursing Homes

    Healthcare Marketing Statistics Continued…

    • 5% of all Google Searches are Health-Related.
    • Search drives 3x more visitors to hospital sites compared to non-search.
    • In most major healthcare verticals, over 60% of patients run a search before scheduling an appointment.

    How does Digital Marketing help Healthcare Businesses?

    Get New Patients

    Acquire more patients by improving audience reach and increasing service awareness.

    Better Patient Experience

    Provide great luxury to patients with online appointment booking and great digital experience.

    Increased Patient Loyalty

    With digital marketing solutions for healthcare, increase loyalty and make them your life-long patients.

    Increased Revenue for Medical eBusiness

    Reduce the cost per acquisition and increase revenue by increasing business awareness.

    Educate, Inform and Nurture Relationships

    Use videos, before/after photos and other educational content to communicate with prospective patients to help them to understand how your services can help to improve their health and well-being.

    Exceptional Healthcare Digital Marketing Services designed to grow your Healthcare Business


    We offer different packages to suit every client’s requirements and budget.

    Return on

    We assure that for every ₹100 you spend, you see an increase of ₹300 in revenue.

    Conversion-Focused Approach

    We focus on 3 core stages of a campaign. Discovery, Consideration & Conversion.

    People Behind Our Marketing Solution

    Our Brains come from a vast array of sectors and specializations

    Dr. Sanjay Pandya

    Advisory Board Member

    Healthcare Management Consultant, M.Phil in Hospitals and Health System Management, Anesthesiology, Critical Care Specialist for over 30+ years

    Kandarp Bhatt

    Founder, CEO

    International Speaker, Data Scientist, Technology Visionary, Web Aficionado, E-Commerce Enthusiast & Mobility Geek for over 20+ years

    Hemang Pandya


    Customer Experience (CX) Professional, Business Development & eCommerce Retail for over 25 years

    Our Healthcare Marketing Service Packages

    • Hosting
    • Website
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Maintenance & Support
    • Monthly Reports
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    Everything included in
    Online Starter +
    • Branding
    • Paid Advertisement
    • Email Marketing
    • Cloud based Software Consulting
    • Verified Whatsapp Account
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    Business Builder +
    • Digital Transformation Consulting
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Benchmarking Survey
    • Webinar Marketing
    • Video Marketing
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    Digital healthcare marketing helps to strengthen your brand, and expand the growth of your healthcare services. Providing the right information helps healthcare businesses educate the potential patients and win them over. Choose the right digital healthcare marketing plan and get started.

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