Our Leadership Team

We define reality and lose ourselves to serve others. Ours is a servant leadership where we put the interests of others at the center with service the very purpose of our business to demand loyalty. We believe in passion rather than merely interest and rise with others.

Meet Our Core Pillars

Kandarp Bhatt | Founder & CEO

Kandarp Bhatt

Founder & CEO
Vishal Bhatt | Co-Founder & CFO

Vishal Bhatt

Co-Founder & CFO
Keyur Dave | COO

Keyur Dave


Change Leadership

Effective communication is a cornerstone of transformational leadership. Leaders articulate their vision clearly, listen actively to their team, and foster open and transparent communication channels.

Pradeep Pachanekar | UI/UX Leadleaderphoto

Pradeep Pachanekar

UI/UX Lead
Rajnikant Limbachiya | Project Managerleaderphoto

Rajnikant Limbachiya

Project Manager
Pratik Parikh | Project Managerleaderphoto

Pratik Parikh

Project Manager
Akshay Shah | Associate Project Managerleaderphoto

Akshay Shah

Associate Project Manager
Jinal Parekh | Project Managerleaderphoto

Jinal Parekh

Project Manager
Dhara Maniar | Project Managerleaderphoto

Dhara Maniar

Project Manager
Ankit Dobariya | Associate Project Leaderleaderphoto

Ankit Dobariya

Project Leader
Vijay Pathak | Associate Project Leaderleaderphoto

Vijay Pathak

Associate Project Leader
Raghav Rangani | Project Leaderleaderphoto

Raghav Patel

Project Leader
Vishal Valand | Project Leaderleaderphoto

Vishal Valand

Project Leader
Cristopher Parmar | Project Leaderleaderphoto

Cristopher Parmar

Project Leader
Vinod Naicker | Data Analytics Managerleaderphoto

Vinod Naicker

Data Analytics Manager
Yogesh Sadhu | Project Leaderleaderphoto

Yogesh Sadhu

Project Leader

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