We all knew that choosing Facebook for Business can be a great marketing tool for large and small ones! Small Business owners have been drawn to social media as a new way to market their business and get people in the door. Nevertheless, very few small businesses have had success with it. So let’s see how to start and use the effective and correct way to use Facebook Marketing & what are the pros and cons:

Sure-Fire Tips To Garner More Attention Through Facebook Marketing

Here are some of the obvious advantages of doing marketing on Facebook:

Promote Your Business Page With Some Offer

You can’t use the same strategy for every bigger advertiser to pour into paid posts to compensate. In the age of smartphones, people can “like” your page anytime and anywhere. Instead of these, create a reason for people to like you right then and there. For instance, offer an instant discount when they register or purchase their first product from your Facebook page!

Post Content That Encourages People To Interact With You

“Long gone are the days of posting and knowing that many, if not most, of your fans, will see that content.” You have to specify the need for the post with an intention and then decide what you are going to do with your post! The powerful content always affects readers and customers, that’s why small businesses need to be more mindful about how they communicate with their audience!

Reward Your Most Faithful Social Media Followers

Here’s the trick if you want to start people talking about your Facebook page then choose a particular person that always comments on your page and does something special for them. For example, send your clients/readers/followers a handwritten note or card to make them feel valued; the more customized the card will be, the better it will be. It will beef up your word-of-mouth marketing.

Pros And Cons Of Using Facebook For Marketing


–  Low Marketing Expense, you can create a Facebook page and start uploading content immediately. The Facebook page allows firms to share all the information about their products at no cost.

– Facebook Advertising Gives You The Ability To Target Specific Groups Of People,
Here, Facebook allows location targeting to reach customers in key locations by country, state/province, city, and zip code. You can also refine your ad’s target audience based on content people have shared about themselves in their Facebook profiles.

– User Attraction, The usual character counts for the most liked and shared posts over Facebook is 80 characters. The posts with 80 characters have 66% more chance of user attraction, like and share.

– Follow the KISS rule. (Keep it Short and Simple)

Detailed Analytics, This social media provides detailed analytics about page visitors and other information which allows organizations to learn more about people interacting with their pages.

Respond Your Valuable Customer, whenever you receive any query, suggestion or feedback. Respond within the one and the customer will become a fan of your service. Make sure not to take more than 24 hours to reply.


– Requires Time And Resources, creating valuable and exciting content that can be your key to reach out to your customers.

– Negative Comments, this platform is an interactive online platform on which you can’t have any control over who posts information. Possibly customers read such negative comments which may affect your brand sales.

– Don’t Ignore The Audience, If the customer doesn’t get any feedback on the comment or suggestion they made. They tend to feel ignored. So, a better reply to them.

– Do Not Post Long Content, for Business, it is important to add content and caption to any photos or product over Facebook. But if the content is too long, the user will eventually gaze it and move on. If it keeps on happening, there is a high chance that they will stop following the post.

– Avoid Fake Commenting, Remember the customers are smart. So, if you have a fake account that you use for commenting about your products and services, they will easily catch you. Illegitimate comments will do you no good.

Closing Note

To Sum Up, there is not one constant about social media, people need always changes and you have to create unique ideas to impress them with the knowledge of social media business’s pros and cons. You need to continue to measure and optimize your efforts! Facebook is the most popular social network for promotional work. Make your customers feel free to share their reviews and apply some interesting social media strategies to attract real customers!