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June 11, 2019Posted By: Mushab Mithawala
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According to w3.org, web accessibility is the art of designing and developing websites, tools, and technologies to ensure that individuals with disabilities can access and use the online world seamlessly.

In this article, we’ll explore the ten steps to enhance your website’s accessibility and how it benefits not only people with disabilities but also businesses aiming for inclusivity and a wider reach.

Understanding Web Accessibility

Web accessibility ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can interact with, navigate, understand, and contribute to the web. It aims to remove barriers that individuals often face in the physical world. As a result, web accessibility is not just about compliance; it’s about creating an inclusive online environment.

Who Does Web Accessibility Serve?

Web accessibility caters to a diverse audience, including individuals with various disabilities and older people experiencing changes in their abilities due to aging. The primary focus is to make web content and applications usable for everyone, promoting equality and inclusivity. Web Accessibility Serve

Top 10 Steps To Enhance Your Website's Accessibility

In this section, you will learn the top 10 steps to enhance your website’s accessibility and make it prominent among diverse audiences.

Keyboard-Friendly Design

Ensure your website is operable without a mouse. Utilize keyboard navigation, making it easy for users to access content and features using the Tab key. Keyword-Friendly Design

Alt Text For Images

Include descriptive alt text for all images, ensuring that screen readers can convey the content to visually impaired users. This practice is vital for images that serve as links, contain essential text, or are logos.

SVG Code Example

<svg aria-labelledby=”svgtitle1″> <title id=”svgtitle1″>Settings</title> [other svg code] </svg>

Image Code Example

Alt Text For Images

Color Selection

Choose colors that provide sufficient contrast with the background. Users with visual impairments may struggle to discern content that lacks contrast. Avoid relying solely on color to convey information.

Structured Headings

Organize your content with appropriate heading tags (H1 to H6). Maintain a logical hierarchy, starting with H1 for the main title and using subsequent levels for subsections. A well-planned heading structure amplifies both usability and SEO. Structured Heading Tags

Accessible Forms

Ensure that forms are operable with a keyboard alone. Many users with disabilities navigate websites without a mouse, so forms must be designed with this in mind.Accessible Forms

Tables For Tabular Data

Reserve tables for displaying tabular data and avoid using tables for layout purposes. Make sure each piece of data has its cell, allowing screen readers to interpret the data correctly.Tables For Tabular Data

Resizing Text

Allow users to resize text without breaking the layout. Use relative text sizes to ensure content remains readable and user-scalable. Maintain the “user scalability” option for text resizing.

Avoid Automatic Media Playback

Prevent media elements from automatically playing when a page loads. This feature can be particularly disruptive for screen reader users and should be user-controlled.

Content With Accessibility In Mind

Create content with web accessibility at the forefront of your strategy. Include alternative text for images, consider text resizing, and ensure compatibility with assistive technologies.

Unexpected Benefits Of Web Accessibility

In this section, you will explore some incredible benefits of web accessibility that will enthrall you and make you consider it in your strategy.

Ensuring accessibility compliance helps businesses avoid legal complications related to discrimination and accessibility violations.

Expanding Audience Reach

Web accessibility broadens your user base, making your website more accessible to a vast audience, including those with disabilities.

Enhancing Brand Reputation

Demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility can augment your brand image and reputation.

Improving SEO

Many accessibility practices align with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, potentially boosting your website’s search rankings.

Enhancing Usability

Web accessibility often leads to usability improvements, benefiting all users, not just those with disabilities.

Writing Higher-Quality Code

Embracing accessibility best practices can lead to cleaner and more robust code, boosting your website’s overall performance and maintainability.

For More Information

To delve deeper into web accessibility, explore resources like the Bureau of Internet Accessibility blog, which covers a wide range of topics related to accessibility. Moreover, if you’re ready to initiate an accessibility initiative or have questions, our team of experts is available for a free consultation to guide you on the next steps.


Web accessibility is not just a legal requirement; it’s a fundamental aspect of creating a web that truly serves all users. By making your website accessible, you’re not only complying with regulations but also reaching a more diverse audience, enhancing your brand, and contributing to a more inclusive online world. Web development service providers play a crucial role in ensuring websites are built with inclusivity.

If you are considering maximizing benefits from web accessibility, ZealousWeb is your ultimate destination. With a wealth of experience in helping diverse businesses elevate their website accessibility, we are ready to take your site to the next level.

Contact us today at hello@zealousweb.com for a quotation for our services.


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